April 6, 2013

U.K. Butts Drive Me Nuts!!

by Andy Blackmore (author's profile)



U.K. Butts drive me nuts!!

Anyone watching movies or TV can't seem to miss all the FANTASTIC ladies' derrieres showing from the UK!

Rebecca Hall, Keira Knightley, Nicole Kidman (has U.K. heritage), Emma Watson... the tales of tails never ends!!

Am I objectifying women of the UK? YES! In the sense that something in your DNA gives you all the most perfect, shapely buns in all of creation. Thank you, isolated centuries of inbreeding sprinkled with Viking, Teuton, Norman, Saxon, Roman and Portuguese invasions.

I in no means wish to exclude women of other countries... Asian women, for instance, have fantastic thighs, Swedes have wonderful eyes, Spanish ladies have REALLY graceful hands... butt, oh, those touchy-touchas! Yum.

Some of you may be offended, If you are, this means you are probably NOT English descended, not comfortable in your own ass(ets), or are some angry-man-hating American. Not all American women are bad - most are fantastically beautiful, but I don't like our culture that creates our typical high-maintenance gold diggers. Savvy?

So, ladies of England, Ireland & Scotland, drop those panties & show us your mettle! You are friggin' amazing! I suppose this is a very "cheeky" blog... ha ha ha ha ha.

REALLY happy thoughts -



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