July 21, 2011

Medical Merry Go Round

by Edwin A. Tindall (author's profile)


Medical Merry-Go-Round

I know that I have made mention of our medical care previously, but there are more idiocies to point out.

My cellie (the other man assigned to the cell) has both spinal issues and fibromyalgia that he has had treatment for during the last seven years. Just earlier this year, one of our illustrious physicians told him that there were no record of him having fibromyalgia. He is currently in the process of filing suit against the physicians here for their collaborated effort to deny effective pain management and therapy. I see and hear his pain on a daily basis, and cannot fathom how any medical agent could deny the level of his pain.

Again, this health care system has declared another man "cured" of his Parkinson's because here was no record of it, even though the obvious symptoms were and are clearly evident to anyone with working vision. This "cure" was only for a few days, but was long enough to cancel his medication. At this time, a few weeks later, he has still yet to have all his prescriptions restored.

Things like this are not uncommon. There is an utterly apparent push to save money by eliminating or severely reducing the needed medications for patients. One must wonder what else is coming down the pike with the current state budget taking away 1 billion from CDCR's budget.


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