May 12, 2013

The Image Of The White Jesus - God!

From My Deity Is Not A by Alissa Williams (author's profile)


The Image of the White-Jesus-God!

Truth shall be told... that!!!

This is the main reason why black folks hate each other! Why? This is why? (Images of the white Jesus God)

This is why everything negative is connected to black folks and everything positive is connected to white folks such as:
A) Financial success
B) Academic success
C) Leadership
D) Intelligence

This is why self worth of the black man and worthy of others in the black race is held in low esteem, looked upon as an inferior being. NOTE THAT: If the original religion handed down, that was handed down for the blacks would have never been taken and ripped away from their ancestors from West Africa, the blacks today would have known in this day and time that the true god, The God a.k.a. Allah in Arabic and also that the real Jesus spoke, Aramaic, "the God" is referred as Allah, revealed in Surah 94: Have we not expanded thee thy breast for you. (Increasing your knowledge - giving you the abilities to endure what evil throws at you.) And did we not relieve you of your burden? (e.g. when people like Marcus Garvey, W.D. Fard Mohammad, Elijah Muhammad and now the Honorable Louis Farrakhan sent to guide the blacks out of the darkness into a brighter light, life; to help the ones who were suffering & were in need of high esteem, independence and so on) that was breaking your back and raised high the esteem (in which) thou (art held). So, verily with every difficulty there is relief. Verily, with every difficulty there is relief. Therefore, then thou art free (e.g. from your bondage of mental slavery and anguish) and realize who the real Jesus and the real God is. Then go exert yourselves, WORSHIP, WORSHIP and give praise to thee almighty, cherisher and sustainer of ALL the worlds in the daytime and all in the night time.

The picture of the white Jesus-God was used by white supremacists as a method of a way to oppress the blacks in the early days of slavery, was made to believe the darker skin was inferior, because God-Jesus is a white man. The psychological effect was to make the black man submissive, the effect has evolved to worser side effects. Black people, blowing the brains out of other blacks in cold blood in the streets, using assault rifles and guns. The psyche has been conditioned and taught black is the worst kind, and the enemy the black folks (i.e. in Brooklyn and Chicago) work hard to kill the inferiors which are the black race, which is the black race. Due to this image of this white God (Jesus). How else would it be possible that the white racist, particularly the Ku Klux Klan can desire to kill off all the black peoples, but have the black "peoples" doing all the dirty work without asking them to do it, without even coming in contact with the black "peoples" to have them commit these heinous crimes on other black folks.

NOTE THAT: This is one of the most cleverness tricks ever pulled off by evil using the white man. To put a holy figure such as a God, displayed as a white man. Who would've dreamed/knew! Someone hated "The God", this much, to go and deceive a nation of people to uplift they own self esteem and destroy another's. Flashing back: I guess you can say it all was made to make sense 'cause how else would one race be able to rule over another race, seem like ongoing for 600 years now. Let's see, 400 years ago was slavery from what year to date? Anyways, and this image is still in the minds, causing self destruction and destruction. Things will not ease for blacks until this IMAGE IS REMOVED. There will be no peace.

Reason being, truth be told... if you have "no facts" to prove that blacks are equal and have made important contributions to mankind, then what is your subconscious mind supposed to think? Awake, black folks! Why do you think of all things to take out of the schools, the white folks want to take out the studies of BLACK HISTORY? Isn't that COLD BLOODED? OUT IN THE COLD! And to make it so bad you probably got black people looking at the removing of black history from schools as no big deal, they're probably tired of hearing about slavery anyways. Reason why there probably will be no big fuss or protest about the removal of it. Black history is more than just about being enslaved physically. But for some reason black filmmakers are stuck on the enslavement part. White folks are stuck on the power-oppression part of it. It's more to black history than these two segments. Except Spike Lee, brought attention to a good part of black history with the movie Malcolm X. Again, if images of black people (black history) is erased from the minds, it will conclude that you are INFERIOR and blacks especially will act and think that way even if one does not realize it. As long as the image of your god in your subconscious mind is white, you are not equal of the white man nor will you ACT LIKE ONE because you cannot defeat or compete with "God" or his human representation.

Truth be told... I too, was a victim of this falsehood, reason for my incarceration, SELF-DEFEATING ATTITUDES and SELF-HATE. All praises and thanx be to the true god of the universe, I was guided into knowledge. And until my death I continue to spread the knowledge and unfold the truth over all these lies: and the major main lie was the identity of Jesus and God. This was a cruel and unusual punishment from Hell, sent from Hell. As long as I have breath in my body I will utilize all my god given powers and capabilities to destroy this fake image of Jesus God. Using whatever resources available to expose truth. The self-hatred and self defeating attitudes and actions will have both OBVIOUS and SUBTLE WAYS of showing itself. E.G. it is this image that makes us not co-operate and unite fully with each other. Deep down our subconscious tells us, "Who wants to bind with an inferior being? Definitely not you, yourself and I, huh?" This explains in part why so many of us seek to mate with white people. Notice how, on general levels, Black men marry or have relationships with more heavily endowed white women. Today in these times I'm seeing blacks connect with the lower class, social status white women who are either highly in drug use or criminal activity. Even the black women are getting the lower end, in social and class when it comes to connecting to, with white men. I mean when the black folk decide to go date out of their race it's like they are HAPPY and CONTENT to receive the best of what the white race has to offer, in terms of what they see as WHITE TRASH. And black folks are quick to say, Huh! Why settle for less? Subconsciously the mind is acting opposite of what the conscious mind says. Why settle for less is what the conscious mind would say, while dealing with the black race or having dealings with black race relations. But no soon as an attraction comes about among the white race, as long as it appears white, the subconscious mind settles for less, whatever is handed down will be highly accepted in the black race, HELD IN HIGH ESTEEM. Isn't that cold blooded? Satan, you are a lie. And my goals, mission to my death IS TO BRING YOU TO SHAME. Literally, I will not need a gun, a bomb to take down your world. Common sense should know, we all should know, we do not have the power to kill the devil, no nuclear, smart bombs, no type of guns, all the poisons in the world couldn't kill 'em. We must expose him for who he is, use the SWORD OF TRUTH is the only way to prevail over the dynasty he has built, we have the power to place the devil under our feet, to rule over him. This WILL TAKE SATAN to his death, for the final executioner, the real Jesus, to finish him off.

It is the subconscious image of a white god which we hold as sacred, right and unchangeable that causes us and our children to self destruct as a people. Look how black people of today, subconsciously are following the lead of the so-called "superior race". Blacks are bleaching they hair, skin, walking around half naked, young girls, our youth is worshipping sex, naturally and unnaturally. Worshipping money, drugs (hard core) and death, physically and mentally. On a physical level it's believed our youth will not live past 30 years of age. On a mental level, if you are smart in school, then you are trying to be "white". Intelligence now has a color and is not associated with black people (e.g. I've experienced inmates to tell me, mind you, whites, that I don't talk black or act likes the blacks in prison. Hahaha! That I come off as more intelligent than most around. I turn around and ask well???? What is your idea of an intelligent black? And what does an intelligent black sound like? Or why can't you just recognize a black person who chooses not to use a whole lot of vulgar and slang into the dialect 24/7 ('cause sometimes, I will get hood)? Why can't you recognize a black who is somewhat on the bright side, an intellectual person? Why can't that be a black person? Here in the South, black is identified with negative. Being black (not maybe just hood-ghetto) but being black is loud, obnoxious, vulgar talking, low-inferior minds. So in other words to the whites in prison, I come off as acting white since I don't act black. I'm very well, black and proud today & in all the rest of my days here on earth... Everything that works against us in our community is directly related to the God-Image in our subconscious. Notice how we will kill for, work harder for, white people than we would for our ourselves. Well, who wouldn't work harder for "God" than for ourselves/themselves, if this sound like an uncomfortable truth, good! It should pierce right down in the souls of black folks. Moreover, there are those who are out to control this white Jesus God image of themselves and the inferior images of others. They start very early with a pervasive programming and conditioning that stretches everywhere, where white is seen better than black. If this were true, why would you have to steal a holy figure and put your race (color) on it TO MAKE people believe your race is superior if it originally was? Truth shall be told!!!

To be discontinued

Jesus had
Hair like wool, Rev 1:14-15
Feet like brass, Rev 1:15

Image of white Jesus-God
Bible scriptures!!!

Spend a few minutes a day in His Word to have the most rewarding life possible.

[arrow pointing to a picture of a Caucasian-looking Jesus]

"May your unfailing love rest upon us, oh Lord, even as we put our hope in you."

Psalms 33:22 niv

WHO IS THIS MAN? Jesus (PBUH) was HEBREW: North AFRICANS - descendants of Shem - Semitic peoples (dark skinned people)

This promotes identity theft? Racism, white supremacy, why is this portrayal - depiction of Jesus upheld? Why was the real ethnicity of Jesus erased and replaced with a Caucasian portrayal of Jesus? Why? Black folks? Early Christians portrayed Jesus as Hebrew looking, tightly curled hair - woolly hair. Research the coins of Justinian II in the British Museum. What happened? Why was it changed?

Depiction of Jesus from the movie "The Bible". If true stories are done, don't we base off the truth? Why do we stress this depiction of the white Jesus so hard?

The national study done in 1998 called A Different World - Children's Perception of Race and Class, the white baby doll, black baby doll study; how all black children chose the white baby doll over the black, which was the color of themselves. Awake the conscious people! What effects do you think pictures, movies and in books this depiction of the WHITE holy figure Jesus - God - Son of God has on other races, particularly black folk, whom ancestors are the same color as the Hebrew Jesus? They ALL are of African origins, not European Caucasian ancestry origin.


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