Aug. 2, 2011

Looking For Love

by Rosario Barrera (author's profile)


Lookin' For Love

A serious relationship, true love, is something I really want in my life now. So why not start looking for it now?

During the time I've been locked up, I've realized how short life is. I don't want to waste anymore time. I'm so ready to build a life with someone. I know how hard it's going to be to find that woman from here, but it is possible so why not try, right? I have a little over three years left, and it'd be cool to use that time to really get to know someone.

I know there's a bunch of dudes who try to play women from prison, but I ain't one. The only way I can prove that is by saying I'm not looking for a sugar momma, so don't trip. I don't need anything. The only thing I'm asking for is a chance to get to know you.

What I'm looking for is pretty simple, a woman between the age of 18-30 who's honest and open, and knows how to keep the "unnecessary" drama to a minimum. As far as looks go, sure, I like a fine woman but looks don't mean everything to me. I'd rather be with a cute girl who's hella cool and real instead of a super fine girl who's hella snobby and fake.

I know a lot of women might thing I'm a loser 'cause I'm in the pen, but I've done A LOT of growing up, and the person I am today really trips me out! I feel good! My past doesn't determine my future. I have a lot going for me when I get out.

So if you're open like I am and want to see if we can be friends or something more, I really encourage you to write me 'cause you never know. Also, please don't hesitate to write me by thinking I got a bunch of hot women writing me 'cause, real shit, no one has probably written me. Not too many women are open to something like this. But I do hope to hear from someone soon.

Rosario A. Barrera


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