May 15, 2013

Planning Ahead...

by Dustin Kelley (author's profile)


A Voice Lost to the World


Planning Ahead............

As I sit here, thinking about what I want and how I am going to get
it. What is it that I really want..........
Freedom, but what is freedom. Is it a state of mind? Is it a feeling?
Is it tangible? To me it has to be a state of mind or as I've said be-
fore freedom for me comes from within myself. I am locked away
from my love ones and I am held captive from most of the things I
have came to love in my short life. But today I feel free and as I
plan ahead for the journey that I am on, I see the things I want to
have or better said, the goals I plan on reaching.

As for most, my family is the most important thing to me so I plan
on continuing to build my relationships with them. Alson my recov-
ery is very important I live a clean life today by choice.
My number one goal is education. I want to get my A.A. and then
my B.A. This is very hard because this institution does not offer
degree programs for prisoners. I am currently in school, working
for a 20 credit Business Accounting certificate.

But with a will comes a way and I am very didicated to this, and I
feel like it will happen.

Staying focused on your path while you live in a place filled with
so many obstacles is not always easy, but I like to say it is very do-
able. Just like if I were on that side of the fence I would still face
obstacles, the only difference is that I could better insulate my-
self. Here I have to mentally insulate myself because I am forced
daily to face obstacles. I embrace this as a good thing though, as
it keeps me sharp and on edge. I stay looking forward to a bright-
er future and working at being a better man, for myself and my



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