May 22, 2013


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Changing the channel today I happen to catch a segment on the Kelly and Michael Show called "Teacher of the Week". I can't say the name of the teacher for sure but she was very blessed with a big heart.

She worked at a school for the "mentally-impaired". They showed her teaching her students in such an understanding way it inspired me to write down these thoughts.

It's no surprise that people can be cruel, petty, indifferent and downright mean. We all know both sides of the coin of being picked on and picking on others. There's also other people like the one mentioned above. Loving, caring, friendly, good, sympathetic and mostly selfless. These people do things to see the pleasure it brings to those they're helping. Are these traits genetic or are they learned in early childhood? What brings about their willingness to help?

And for those that say people want to do the right thing, why ain't we living in a more peaceful world? What hampers the spreading of selflessness? Culture can be a main cause. These good qualities that make a person's character are to be admired, sadly it's not the case. When we live in a society where it's "eat or get eaten" people will claw and scratch their way to get what they want. There goes civility out the door. Along with morals and principles, if people still have them nowadays. Even in a culture that flourishes with a "cut-throat mentality", abundant are those who seek to help others with no material compensation at all. A smile is good enough from those they helped and is even worth more than paper money people walk around with and worship.

What a beautiful thing to see, isn't it... selflessness, lending a hand to help others. What a better world we will live in if selflessness was more in play. The sad, cold reality is that this isn't enough to bring about true meaningful change in the world. Conditions must be changed and the mentality they bring about. Wishing the water to boil will not do any good. We must turn on the stove.


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Kat Posted 10 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 10 years, 9 months ago   Favorite
Dear Bobby,
thank you for these warming words. They made me smile and gave me trust in what I do. I work as a teacher and most of the day I'm caring, friendly, good, sympathic, sometimes even loving. I try to be selfless, actually I'm often are. Then it comes one day I'm tired, the kids don't pay attention, I get frustrated, even angry, I yell at them, I feel bad about the yelling and worst of it I'm ashamed about my poor actings.
After such a day I'm happy that I can come home to meet some loving persons to spent time with. People who care, love, are friendly and understanding. That gives me the power to face an other day at school, where I can give back what I got at home. Actually I got a lot back from the kids at school too. They want to be loved and show a lot love, sometimes more hidden and in other moments more obvious.

I love my job. Thank you for reminding me at this!
Sunshine from Kat in the very northern part of Europe

Bobby Villado Posted 10 years, 6 months ago.   Favorite
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