Sept. 12, 2013

The Way It Is

by Antwiane Sago


The Way It Is

Saturday, July 13th, 2013 another decision was made in this country that confirms what many know, but few will openly admit. On that day I sat in the cell that I'm currently assigned to exist in, and watched a breaking news report. In my spirit I knew what the outcome of the trial in Sanford, Florida would be, but the hope in me wouldn't allow me to embrace the inevitable verdict... NOT GUILTY! Never mind that the adult male that profiled, stalked, and eventually murdered Trayvon Martin was told by the 911 "Police" operator that they didn't need him to pursue Trayvon, but he did it anyway. Never mind that Trayvon was an innocent Black Child that was simply trying to make it home safely, that was killed. All that seems to matter in this horrific ordeal, at least according to Legal Analyst Dan Abrams, is that the "Law of the Land" was properly applied; thus rendering a correct verdict. I still can't wrap my mind around how it was so easy for him to remain emotionless, void of any degree of compassion for the slain child or his grieving parents as he continuously uttered on every major T.V. network that according to the law, "The verdict was correct." It didn't seem to matter to him that what he deemed a correct verdict was morally wrong. I guess that as long as it was within the established parameter of the law, he saw the act as justified. I can't help wondering if he would have been a staunch supporter of the law prior to the Civil War, when it was legal to purchase & own people that look like Trayvon, myself, and even our current President, President Barack H. Obama. I'd like to know what his position would be on post Civil War issues like, Voting & Civil Rights, and the Jim Crow laws. It's a known fact that's rarely discussed, that for years the law has been used in this country to oppress, abuse, exploit, and murder people of African descent without consequence. Why Mr. Abrams felt comfortable using the law as his soap box to openly express that the acts of the Jurors, and the In-Justice System were justified, when it was clear for all to see that the end result was grossly egregious, is beyond my ability to grasp, even on the most elementary level. Just thinking about the wrongs that are being blatantly perpetuated against Black Men across this country, makes my soul writhe within me. Sadly, very few of those wrongs reach a fever pitch, and garner the Nation's attention like Trayvon's murder has. Take the case of Derek Williams, a young man that died in the back of a squad car while in the custody of the Milwaukee Police. A young man that can be seen on the video that was taken inside the squad car, begging for help, as the Police OFFicers stood outside of the car and made no attempt to help him. Please take a look at the video so that you'll be able to see how this young man was clearly suffering before he was allowed to die. Milwaukee's city council brought forth minor charges prior to the Department of Justice picking up the case. Somehow, that heart wrenching video wasn't enough for Special Agent Teresa Carlson, and U.S. Attorney James Santelle to hold the Milwaukee Police accountable for failing to provide Derek Williams with at least adequate medical care. Stating in a press conference with no contrition, that there was "No WILLFUL violation by the police of Derek Williams' civil rights." Hearing the insincere speeches that have followed these horrendous tragedies has left me feeling impotent against the madness that is "Modern Day Racism". No matter how hard I try, I'm unable to find a reprieve from the anguish brought on by a truth that's as old as this "FREE NATION", that the world knows, but America still treats like the elephant in the room. That truth is that this country doesn't value the life of a Black Male no matter how young or old he may be. I know that many will do what has become a common practice in this country; Dismiss what I'm saying by declaring with unadulterated confidence that I'm "Playing the Race Card". Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm simply not built to water down facts in order to make them easier for the masses to swallow. Besides, I'm still bewildered by the fact that centuries worth of suffering that ravished an entire continent of people; creating economic security for the abusers and their descendants; leaving behind scars on the spirit of a race of people that still haven't fully healed, can without any earnest regard be reduced to something as trivial as a "Card" whenever the subject of race is breached. Being a witness to the thorny tendrils of hatred so knotted and thick that no light can penetrate it, and no reason can free the tangles, leaves me wondering how much has really changed when it comes to race relations in this country. To that I can only say, THINGS AIN'T CHANGED!

The Master lays down laws for his modern day slaves to follow. To break one of the rules still leads to punishment; But the overseer's devices of torture aren't whips anymore. They're much more advanced than that. There's no tobacco spit in your eyes so that you can't see how to fight or how to get away; they have Pepper Spray, Mace, and Tear Gas for that. Leg irons & shackles are now called Handcuffs. Sticks are now known as Batons. Stun Guns, Tasers, and Semi Automatic Handguns are all a part of the new age Slave Wrangler Kit that's used by today's version of an overseers, Police Officers. Slave Camps have been renamed State Institution. The trees that so many of our ancestors died hanging on has been replaced by Lethal Injection & Gas Chambers, along with Electric Chairs. You'll only see those if you violate what is considered a major rule. The more common disobedient pieces of property has the luxury of dry rotting in one of Master's choice State Institutions; where you work for less than whore wages, while trying to maintain your sanity & sense of humanity, and not lose your life in the process. In the subculture that is a State Institution, there are another set of rules that must be learned; written and unwritten. Failing to obey the written will result in a trip to the Graveyard for the Living Dead, that's commonly known as The Hole. Where on top of being isolated from family & friends, you're now isolated from human contact. All of that harsh treatment can be carried out in a flash. It only takes a few spoken words from Master, and a few strokes with his pen on what has been deemed a Legal Document by his Tyrannical Predecessors, and it's done. Our name wasn't Kunta when we encountered today's tangible version of hatred; His is Trayvon B. Martin, and mine is Antwiane M. Sago Sr. The hatred didn't try to name us Toby. It tried to reduce Trayvon to the Black Male in a Hoodie, and me to #428132. No matter how long we are beaten with the rod of oppression by Lady Injustice, we won't submit our will to live as Free Black Men! Even after we've been beaten so severely that the scars of life take refuge in our faces, we won't surrender our will! Our desire to overcome the infinite obstacles that have been placed in our paths, burns like an infinite inferno! Caging, beating, abusing, and even murdering our bodies won't prevent our spirits from rising to greatness! We are not animals or property! We are Black Men! Until that truth is fully embraced, the evidence will remain, showing the world that in America, Things Ain't Changed!

It's my opinion that for our society to truly make positive changes, it must start inside of each individual. It's not until we receive the mind of Christ, and make the principles of Love that are described in 1st Corinthians chapter 13 a constant priority in our lives that we will overcome the vile spirit of hatred that's leaving our children murdered in the street. Perhaps if I knew with complete certainty how to lift humanity out of the mire it has become comfortable existing in, my spirit wouldn't feel so impotent. Character is the sum total of all our thoughts, words, and deeds. What does the climate in this country say about its character? Can it change for the better or is that just The Way It Is?

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Taste my soul
Antwiane Sago Sr.

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