Oct. 25, 2013

No Pain. No Gain.

From Redemption by Ray Jones (author's profile)


Wrote: 2011
Song: No Pain, No Gain
Album: Kome-Up Tyme

Funkd up, n da head rite now,
kuz my potna, got smoked,
n I jus kickd it, wit him yesterday,
doing run outz, on stores...
So u know, I had 2 stay down,
gettn high, wit da hommyz,
3 deep, n da buket swerven,
after killn, our fortyz...
n reminisen, about my hommy,
who was down, dan a mugg,
neva afraid, 2 ryde on foolz,
after we both, got jumped...
Going over, dis female'z house,
stayn way, out of boundz,
not caren about, bustaz haten,
on da other side, of town...
Kuz I was over, my female house,
when I got, da phone kall,
n didn't even, get 2 bone my chik,
kuz I was so, damn gone...
Lookn 2 do, som sukaz in,
almost sheddn, a tear,
holdn it bakk, by drankn yak,
killn a whole, lot of beer...
Haven 2 tell, his baby mama,
who about, 2 give labor,
dat my ninja, her main squeeze,
is gone from us, fo' eva...
Trippn out, n da studio,
after liten up foolz,
puttn it down, over beatz like dis,
gettn high, wit my tool...

5x Thru all da trialz & tribulationz,
it's no pain, no gain...

Finally gettn, up out da joint,
after doing, som time,
huggn my momz, once I got home,
befo I bounced, 2 get high...
Thinkn of all, da shyt I done,
praisen God, I'm still here,
but feeln lost, after losen hommyz,
gettn deze, tattooed tearz...
Komen home, wit some battle scarz,
bekuz I'm down, 4 my set,
mo' tatted up, dan graffiti wallz,
u see unda, a bridge...
Doing tyme, n da hole wit hommyz,
not receiven, no mail,
or able 2 go, 2 commissary,
2 make som spreadz, up n jail...
Learning my lesson, about da world,
n all da foolz, I can't trust,
people claimn, dat dey yo hommyz,
but wanna see u, mess up...
Haven 2 prove, 2 foolz u down,
or get murkd, n dis game.
being lucky, 2 make it home,
if u pakkn, a shank...
Watchn da pigz, who try 2 kreep,
now I'm bakk, on da set,
trippn out, how prison changed me
2 not feel, no regretz...
Now every time, dey pull me over,
I gotta keep, a kool head.
or mess around, get shot down,
by deze racist ass pigz...

I'm reminisen, about fallen souljah
who put it down, 4 da struggle,
n every nite, when I'm n da party,
I get lookz, from klub bouncerz...
Worried about how, a playa dressed,
or I won't get, n da function,
2 be able, 2 mack som honeyz,
wantn a hit, of my dojah...
Thinkn my gurl, would hold it down
when I was lockd, doing tyme,
komen home, 2 find out honeyz,
not tryna be, a gee wife...
Neva thinkn, dat I would trip,
she don't take, care of biz,
wantn 2 be, da first I smash,
just gettn out, of da pen...
Kuz every week, I'm gettn wasted,
lookn 4 me, a honey,
who should be, n som magazinez,
on da coverz, gettn money...
Taken picturez, wit all my geez,
up n da spot, gettn numbaz,
we hangn out, n da parkn lot,
pulln up, on chix bumpn...
Dodgen da pigz, who see I'm rolln,
n thinkn I'm'a, slip up,
gettn bak use 2, hangn out,
n da hood, gettn drunk...
Throwing up, on som model chix,
wantn 2 get, motel roomz,
kuz after gettn, my money rite,
dey every nite, on my tool...


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