Oct. 28, 2013

Growing Up

From Redemption by Ray Jones (author's profile)


Wrote: 2005
Song: Growing Up
Album: Datz On Everythang

Growing up poor, is nathan new
2 a hustla like me.
wantn 2 floss, like all my geez.
puttn it down, n da streetz...
Liven off, da kounty line.
A.F.D.C. chexx.
running amok, n da grocery sto.
stealn a whole bunch of shyt...
So what u staren at fool.
kuz u don't wanna, get droppd.
n beat up, 4 dem brand new kixx.
I see u wanna, akt tough...
Standn outside, da yellow tape.
at only 5 yearz old.
watchn dead bodyz get hauled off.
Liven n a ghetto, war zone...
Soon as I make, a million buxx.
I'm moven away, from da slumz.
kuz old habbitz, is hard 2 break.
when I'm still, pakkn gunz...
Gettn into it, wit da police.
I'm a outlaw, on da run.
Laughn at chix, who don't holla at me.
unless u trikkn off, yo buxx...
Pulln up, wit da bumpn system.
gettn so high, off da stikky.
Stayn true, 2 da g-kode hustlen.
always gettn chix tipzy...
Kountn my dukatz, inside my poket.
Liven deep, n da funk.
down 2 ryde, on da don't-no's.
It's just a part of growing up...

It's just a part of growing up.
n deze Diego streetz.
n all u foolz, dat got beef.
Need 2 respekt, dis O. Gee...
kuz every time, u see me high.
I'm trippn out, off da skunk.
throwing up, outside da hoopty.
It'z just a part, of growing up...

It's every day, blax killen blax.
tryna survive, thru da summer.
da laws jus watch, n don't care.
lettn us destroy, each other...
Watchn da homeless, hold up signz.
sayn dey will, work 4 food.
tryna run game, so dey can hide,
unda da bridge, n drank brew...
What would u do, if u was starven.
n had nathan 2 eat.
kuz I refuse, 2 be a busta.
hauln ass, from police...
Hearn foolz yell, where dey from.
befo all kaoz, breakz out.
bulletz ricochettn off da wallz.
when we bust bak, n move out...
Gettn into riotz, like every day.
we hear som messed up shyt.
about som copz, killen off us blaxx.
sayn we resisted arrest...
Kuz when da police, get behind us.
we don't stop, n pull it over.
or we gonna get, our asses kickd.
4 alwayz smelln, of dojah...
Maken sure, dat all my hommyz.
got a down ass chik.
hempn up freax, on a daily basis.
peeln out, on gold rimz...
Tryna see, if femalez is faithful.
gettn dem bent, n funkd up.
passn da test, if dey really down.
it'z just a part, of growing up...

U got deze femalez, be haven babyz
so dey can jump, on welfare.
talkn all dat bullshyt about.
dey don't need, no man...
Raisen kidz, wit dey homegurlz.
kuz deze sukaz, is lame.
tryna stunt like dey a boss.
but don't have, no game...
When dey peep, a hustla like me.
pulln up, on dem thangz.
dey wanna ryde, n my hoopty bumpn.
tryna taste, my street fame...
So damn ganksta, dat chix choosen.
so deze foolz, wanna squabb.
kuz I don't have, 2 trik off money.
2 burn off, wit dey brodz...
Lettn da pigz, know every day.
I'm gonna rep, where I'm from.
tryna kick my ass, n paddy waggonz
kuz I'm not scared, of dey gunz...
Hopen I live, 2 see my kidz.
get dey degrees, n kollege.
so every day, I'm running da streetz
tryna stak, major dollaz...
Puttn 2 work, wit my real potnaz.
dat I know, won't snitch.
spreadn da word, 2 my homeboyz.
2 take care, of dey bizz...
Every day doing, what I gotta do.
as I chief, on a blunt.
throwing up, wit my homeboyz trippn
it's just a part, of growing up...


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