Sept. 27, 2011

Introduction To Jermaine Hicks

by Jermaine Hicks


Introduction to Jermaine Hicks

Years ago, I would of never though I would be sitting in a cell, writing the world a letter in hopes of being a voice for me and many like myself. And with my story, I do so pray, that not only my words be felt and heard, but help from an "action movement" for kids and prisoners like myself.

To understand the comings and goings of those of you in society does not offer you time to sit and think or even read about the many circumstances and struggles of others. And I also understand and believe that those of us incarcerated owe society deeply for taking away your property, rights, and freedoms. In some cases like my own, we can never repay what we have taken. But through time, maybe your forgiveness and our willingness to try to not only build ourselves up but give back, maybe we can change the many social issues dealing with kids and gang affiliation.

Please read my story and let me give you the real deal of what gang-bangers live for and what it means to be a gangster, younger, blind, and emotionally displaced. Journey with me to my 'hood and my world. The real world that only leads to death or prison.

My story will be posted in chapters once a week thanks to Between the Bars. I would like you to speak your mind about everything you read here. But mostly, I request for your support in helping us change the many issues you will read here. I welcome all of you to my blog, and I am looking for your correspondence with all who feel free to hit me up.

Peace and Educate 2 Liberate!

Hook up.
Jermaine Hicks #760638
3001 S. Emily Dr.
Beeville, Texas 78102

Enclosed is a poem, "My Streets", of mine and a black and white photo of me. By the way, I go by "One Verse." Because that's all it takes. :P

[ripped black and white newspaper clipping with the following caption]
Alfred Unit Cognitive Intervention graduates are Jose Angel Ybarra, Jeremy Estala, Mark Davis, Scott Ballard, Billy Don Jennings, Lis Gonzales, DeVette Wilson, Anthony Marshall, Jermaine Hicks, Conrad Garcia III, Miner Lee Thompson, Henry Green, Michael Mumphrey, Lawrence Faggett, Joe Jones, Brian Keith Mangrum, Adrian Fuller, Jimmy Lee Caldwell and Anthony Bolden.


My Streets
by Jermaine Hicks

My thoughts, my love, my paper, my peeps
My mic, my homies, my ride, my heats
My dice, my crib, my dog, my freaks
My Brother James Hicks who's RIP

My God, my queen, my dreams when sleep
My wisdom, my knowledge, that runs so deep
My freedom, my fight, Malcolm X's speech
My sun, my moon, that's under my feet

My ghetto, my slums, my drinks, my sweets
My nuts, my word, I'll always keep
My lyrics, my style, you can't compete
My fro, my dress code, that's so unique

My soul, my anger, I must release
My tightest quotations on the MIC
A born outcast, the real Black sheep
and to the whole world, because the
world's my streets!

Jermaine Hicks #760638


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