May 11, 2014

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From De'anna Tha' Doll by Derrick Tucker (author's profile)
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Hello! This is Deanna, I'm going to respond to
your comment in regards to Trayvon Martin's murder
on February 26 2012. This is how I feel about
it point blank! First off I will "NEVER" believe
he was a "Crack" Dealer:
He was in high school, his last year at that. I have
publications here to prove that. And now he's "DEAD,"
what a shame, Rest In Peace Trayvon Martin. Every
black person thinks it's a race issue because it is.
White folks that got big money here in America think
it's right to kill black teenagers and get away with
it because a majority of them do, and that's WRONG!
George Zimmerman is a racist pig. Whether you want to
accept it or not. And I'm not the only one who feels
this way. If this was a white teenager and the man was
black that killed him, it doesn't matter if he had big money or not he would be locked up! Do to the poor laws
in Florida.
Everybody with common sense knows this is "White America," were living in it temporarily. And "you"
can't hurt my feelings by saying I deserve to be
locked up. And I do eat the state good by choice,
don't get it twisted. I'm on a Religious Diet Program
(RDP) all my good is packaged. It's "clean" and "healthy".
Yes! I broke the law according to man some get caught
and others don't, that's life. I'll live. Don't drop
the soap in the showers, that's funny to me. I don't go to the shower, it's a big silver sing in this cell
and I utilize it as needed.
Words don't affect me they make me stronger.
Incarcerated or not. I'm content with life and
myself. And you may be free physically but it
sounds like your locked up mentally agreeing with
George Zimmerman who's a cold blooded killer. No
matter how you address this topic he's dead wrong
in my eyes. And he got away scot free with murder,
bottom line. On that note you have a nice life. If
that's what you call it. I'm pro Black!

Words by: Deanna Tha Doll


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