June 23, 2014

My Sun

From My Window To The World by Demetrics McCauley (author's profile)


My Sun

There's millions of cards saying how one feels
but even the most poetic fails to capture what my heart conceals.
These feelings have grown for you in the depths of my heart
and have deepened a longing for you though circumstances keep us apart.
Thoughts of you provide comfort while awake and while asleep,
allowing me to make it through another day... another week.
The distance separates us by miles while my heart keeps you dear
and with every thought my mind finds ways to draw you near.
Each day I long for the moment i hold you close,
Baby, it's then you'll realize—that's what I push for most!
I no longer remain in seclusion as my thoughts reach out to yours
from the lowest depths of this pit—your love shall open these closed doors!
When distress and torment were causing a whirlwind of destruction like a storm
your love provided the shelter, protecting me from harm.
Filling the walls of my once empty heart with the substance of your love,
your warmth provides rays of light as bright as the sun above.
You've reached beyond these walls and relieved me from my strife,
becoming the sunlight shining through the darkness of my life.
Your love makes my life more promising than first foreseen,
because of you, I reach for what was once only approachable in a dream.
You've ignited a flame in my heart that burns from my very core,
I could have you forever and I'd still want more.
Now a once smothered desire has been brought to a fiery blaze,
heightened by this passion for you—that I promise to share in so many ways!

I love you so much. I want to protect you from harm and be there for you whenever you need me. I want to make your life more beautiful than anyone else ever had. I want to be the one who makes you smile when you awake within the dawn. To be the song in your heart and on your lips when you close your eyes at night. I want our togetherness to grow and last beyond today, beyond tomorrow, beyond forever! You are the one love who has moved my heart and soul... Baby, you are the love of my life!


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