March 30, 2013


From My Window To The World by Demetrics McCauley (author's profile)



Da impossible was attained w/da 2 terms of Barack Hussein
So do we follow da path illuminated 2 change,
Or do we do nothing and produce da same?

"My President is Black"...

But if da inspiration don't heighten our aspirations
And we're just complacent,
Da problems we face today will await da next generation.
It seems our culture glorifies da lames.
I speak of those who get in it like EA Sports is their name,
Using da streets instead of their brains.
But living your dreams is da product of planning,
So while you hit da clubs dancing,
You're sabotaging your own advancement.
Hard times but you flossing,
And while you're taking losses
Them FEDS is stalking,
B/cuz all that stunting and fronting is just like talking!
Fucking w/da trap and everybody getting caught in it,
But your logic is so demented
You actually think you gone win it!
A victim of a fugitive mind
That got you trying to shine while you grind.
So w/every forward step, you rewind
Yet wonder why you're behind?
All I hear is "they're not hiring",
No 401K, just an ambience of bars come w/retirement,
B/cuz da only free rides come w/a siren.
And when it was real in the field
It was da house niggas awed by massa's wheels,
Now it's street niggas throwing 36's on Coupe Devilles.
Mammon, da God of wealth is your lord.
From hood 2 hood this is da only accord,
And we celebrate da martyrs and die for shit we can't afford.
W/so many joining da down-low in da pen
It's no wonder diamonds have become da best friend
Of women and Black men!
But in this America post Obama,
Let's stop da excuses, overcome trauma;
It's time to bring an end 2 da drama.
I've studied the system and don't mean 2 neglect it,
I know affirmative action will never be rejected
Our receiving preferential treatment 2 prison is its most effective method!
So I'm under no illusions that one man can fix it.
Don't get it twisted,
For us da system is wicked.
But da fact is - our fatal wounds are often self-inflicted!


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