June 23, 2014

In Search Of Devinity

From My Window To The World by Demetrics McCauley (author's profile)


In Search of Divinity

I need her to know:
She took a rebellious slave like me
and made him never want to be free
from her captivity.
It's not by chance but destiny that we meet.
Her essence is so unique,
this woman makes me feel invincible yet so weak.
I long just to hear her speak!

I need her to know:
She makes the future brighter
my footsteps lighter,
how my heart quickens
and if she'll listen,
though the beats sound the same,
they spell out her name - *..*..*..*..*..*..*..*

I need her to know:
how that which was once lost has been found
as I smile just knowing she's around.
How I see her beauty in all things.
I have a new appreciation for the joy of dreams.
How everything has changed
but if she remains the same,
we'll build a foundation so strong
it could hold her fears, the world, and her throne!

I need her to know:
how she compliments my life,
how our very souls seem connected,
how I'll take her heart and with that same life
I vow to protect it.

I need her to know:
how she's taken my heart, restrained and cold
and with a beautiful smile, made it unfold.
The eyes are the window to the soul
but when I look into her eyes,
I see the two of us growing old.

I need her to know:
she's the inspiration
that got me focused on creating,
maintaining and cultivating
the most meaningful man and woman relations
bonded with 2 hears and 1 soul
(I've found the other half to my soul)

I need her to know:
If it would prove my love were true,
I'd gladly die, as i could watch over you.
Not my 1st, but it's through your love
and the love you provide.
It's a force so pure, it must be living!

Divine love is what can happen between 2 people when they take off their disguises and lay a foundation of loyalty, honesty, trust, respect, understanding, and selflessness.


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