July 8, 2014

Comment Response

by Darrel (Terra) O'Key (author's profile)
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Dear Blog Readers (5/10/14)
(June 6, 2014)


Dear Readers...

This goes out to Lynne, Thank you sooooo much for your recent post, it made my day. I must say I'm impressed at what a strong woman you are, to have moved from Arizona to Alabama for the reasons you stated...It takes a special person to do that and I commend you. Not many people are as concerned with the inmate plight as you seem to be from what little I know.

There are many people incarcerated that are actually not guilty, unfortunately most of are guilty, with that said I do not agree with most of the public perception that we are no longer of value, there is a huge pool of talented people in prison, and I have met several of them. Some of us just need a second, sometimes eve a third or fourth chance. I, myself, am earning my A.A. degree and going to Cosmetology training. I knew a fried who was in prison for a crime he did not commit (Bruce Lisker) great guy who had his sentence overturned after 26 years, it was a long hostile fight ans the justice system does NOT like to admit that they have made a mistake, EVER!!! Tell your friend I wish him luck in his struggle to prove his innocence. He's lucky to have someone like you in his corner. I have included my address so you can write me directly if you want.

Darrell (Terra) Okey V-51327
P.O. Box 92 B2-13-03L
Chowchilla, CA 93610

and yes Transgender is the correct term, thanks for asking.

So, it is a terrible day here in CDCR, a friend of mins who has been down for 24 years for a murder he was a part of, was found suitable by the Parole Board 4 months ago, it was his 4th time at board and we were elated when they found him suitable. However, the Governor (Jerry Brown) decided he was going to reverse that decision, not because this man posed an undue threat to society, but because another inmate went to the guards and said this man threatened him and he put a not about it in his file. He was not written up for anything, CDCR stated the note was unreliable and gave it no credence whatsoever but JB used it as a reason to keep a man who has pent 24 years trying to better himself locked up...It's a sad day when a board, that gets paid huge salaries to decide if someone should go home, is appointed by the Governor himself, does this all day, everyday, spent 6 hours with the man in question, they decide he is ready and the Governor who reads something on a slip of paper decides the board he put into place to decide these things has no idea what they are talking about and reverses their decision...way to have confidence in your people Jerry Brown. Now my friend has to wage a whole other battle and file an appeal to the courts because the Governor did not follow the law when reversing the decision...How is it that an official elected by the people can turn his nose up to the law as it is written with no repercussions whatsoever? No wonder people have little or no confidence in the legal system. yes, my friend did a horrible thing, but doesn't he deserve a second chance???? The Governor has had many of his reversals, reversed by the court lately, I guess he really has no clue!!! The only way to win is to keep fighting!!!! Maybe he thinks if you beat prisoners down enough they will just give up, it actually makes them stronger. If you have rehabilitated yourself, shouldn't you have a chance to prove it???? Lot of love.



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Love your posts and happy to help transcribe them for you! Stay strong Terra!

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