Jan. 1, 2015

Kommunity Service

From Redemption by Ray Jones (author's profile)


Wrote: 2012
Song: Kommunity Service
Album: Dessert Eaglez & Duffle Bagz

Hearn rumorz, dat immigrantz,
is not to fukk, wit us blaxx,
n 2 only, marry white folks,
so dey ain't, lower class.....
Haven 2 march, n city streetz,
2 protest, deze pigz killing,
tryna call us, all som monkeyz,
sayn us blaxx, ain't human....
About 2 make me, go insane,
adoptn wayz, dat aint ourz,
where everybody wantz 2 live,
like da onez, haven power....
N everyday, i wake up mad,
after hearn, gun shotz,
as brothaz get, dey head stompd in,
by som racist ass kopz....
Hearn rappaz, dont wanna blast,
dey microphonez, at injustice,
so everynite, i be n da lab,
haven to battle, all bustaz....
Not aware, of whatz going on,
glorifying, da violence,
kuz if da system, do all us over,
n we gonna, start riotz....
Wantn 2 help, my people out,
is why i hustle, 4 money,
n so my people, aint gonna starve,
puttn food, n day tummy....
N if i had me, a ganksta chik,
all deze chix, claim 2 be,
i would neva, be stressn mail,
inside of, captivity....

Foolz sell out, 2 get dey money,
n forget, where dey from,
scared 2 put endz, n kommunityz,
dat us blaxx, known 2 runn.....
So everynite, im hear 2 ick,
dis ganksta shyt, 2 my people,
where if i die, my name will live,
as a true war hero......
N how da hell, can i respekt,
a scary ass president,
who say nathan, about da system,
killn off, us blakk kidz....
N immigrantz, dat come 2 live,
over here, n our kountry,
wont be castn, dey evil frownz,
at my people, 4 nathan.....
Haven it betta, dan other kountryz,
is why dey all, wanna live,
n a kountry, dey stole from people,
we all call, Indianz....
N da laws, aint all messd up,
4 us blaxx, slangn drugz,
given out mo tyme, 4 crack cocaine,
dan 4 powder, u snort....
I jus wish, dat everybody,
can get along, n stop haten,
calln my guel, a monkey lover,
kuz dey see, dat she Asian.....
Not being able, 2 trust my hommyz,
after dey see, dat i made it,
when dey probably, hopen i slip,
2 take me off, of dis planet.....

now u got all, all deze presidentz,
startn frivolous warz,
so dey can brag, about testn bombz
killn all over, da world....
Askn da Lord, why all dis bullshyt
gotta alwayz, take place,
n people think, im jus a slave,
bekuz our history erased....
Writen som musik, dat i feel,
should get a, Pulitzer Prize,
4 speakn out, against injustice,
all da tyme, n my rhymez....
Trippn out, how all femalez,
wanna be, n klubz strippn,
instead of keepn, dey butz n skool
2 educate, all our children....
Mad as hell, at da homeboyz,
mmaken it rain, n da klub,
but scared to shoot, a hommy endz,
or write a playa, lockd up....
Is why i feel, da way i feel,
not loven none, of u bustaz,
thinkn its kool, 2 join n gangz,
when u not, from da gutta....
Hopen my people, see im da truth,
n 2 buy, all my musik,
so dey can learn, whatz going on?,
not lettn da system abuse'em....
As i steady, be kickn flowz,everynite, on da mic,
spittn som game, 2 my Unborn seedz
i hope dont mess up, dey lifez....

Maken a Publik Service Announcement,
2 my people, who hustlen,
u gotta know, who u messn wit,
n dis modern day struggle....
I everyweek, be up on stage,
given my speech, 2 da crowd,
who be wishn, i kick da truth,
n i neva fall down.....


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