April 4, 2011

A Diamond in tha Rough

by Khalfani-Malik Khaldun (author's profile)


A Diamond in tha rough

What you have before you is a God-fearing man, who's benevolent, and cynical, conscientious and abstruse. What identifies me is the values I stand on that are grounded in moral rectitude. I'm not concerned with nationalities or beliefs, physical dimensions or the size of your bank account.

What I seek is far more valuable than money and more important than colors and or physical beauty. What I am craving is realness within - your ability or inability to remove your fa├žade and share all of you with a Jewel who's not looking to degrade or imprison, but instead to liberate and validate.

Will you open yourself up to befriend someone who is not judgmental, inconsiderate, or immaculate? Someone who knows and respects the laws of friendship, and is willing to give 50 times more than he receives. My heart yearns for realness, sincerity, and loving kindness. Someone that doesn't hide or conceal, but recognizes his flaws and willing to accept criticism so that one day he may be flawless.

My freedom would be the best thing that comes from my struggle - plus my devotion to God; and my continued pursuit toward higher learning.

I firmly believe that "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of great challenge and controversy."

The prison jail the body, but my mind and spirit is - free.


1.) RACE: New Afrikan
2.) RELIGION: Muslim
3.) D.O.B: 11-30-69
4.) EYES: Dark Brown
5.) HAIR: Bald
7.) SEX: Male
8.) HOMETOWN: Gary, Indiana
9.) ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Sagittarius


Earliest Release Date: 2033 - On Death Row: No
Latest Release Date: 2033 - Incarcerated since: 1987
Serving Life Sentence: No
Incarcerated for: Murder charge (innocent)
I am seeking female friendship and supporters who are defenders of the innocent.
One can reach me by writing:
Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun, 874304,
(Leonard McQuay)(A-1205)(SCU),
P.O. Box 1111,
Carlisle, IN. 47838

Department of Correction
Indiana Government Center - South
302 W. Washington Street . Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2738
Phone: (317) 232-5711 . Fax (317) 232-6798 . Website: www.in.gov/idoc/

Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.

Edwin G. Buss

May 19, 2010

Leonard McQuay, DOC#874304
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
Secure Housing Unit, A-706
Carlisle, Indiana 47838

Dear Mr. McQuay:

This letter is written to congratulate the Action, Consequences, and Treatment (ACT) program at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. From 6/23/2009 through 5/18/2010, you completed the following: Phase 1: Substance Abuse Education and Stress Management. Phase 2: Anger Management, Commitment to Change, and Prison Life Skills #1. Phase 3: Parenting and Cage Your Rage. Phase 4: Rage, Recidivism, Recovery and Prison Life Skills #2. Phase 5: Houses of Healing, Bridging the Gap (which you wrote and facilitated to the other ACT participants), and a modified version of InsideOut Dads. You also completed additional essay assignments from the Casework Manager.

As the final step in examining your progress in the ACT program, on 5/18/2010 you were interviewed by Unit Team Manager, Jerry Snyder, Housing Lieutenant, Steve King, Casework Manager Beverly Gilmore, Correctional Counselor, Dorothy Morris, and Volunteer Instructor, Curt Howard. You were instructed to give a three minute talk on the benefits of the ACT program to your life and how you will use the tools presented in each lesson to change certain destructive thoughts, attitudes, and actions that have been present in your life. You were then asked very direct and pertinent questions from the interviewers.

The Actions, Consequences, Treatment (ACT) program is designed for offenders currently housed in segregation units due to their anti-social behavior and who now have exhibited the desire and ability to make changes in their behaviors and attitudes that led to their segregation. The program is based upon goal-oriented offender/staff interaction and courses to encourage and support positive and responsible behavior.

As a result of your hard and dedicated work, progress in the ACT program, and the interview, you will be recommended for release from Department-wide Administrative Segregation. If approved by the facility Superintendent, Mr. Basinger and ultimately by the Interim Director of Adult Facilities, Brian Pearson in Central Office, you will be moved to an ideal unit for ninety (90) days and then to general population. I will prepare the documents which will be forward to Superintendent Basinger for approval.

Again, congratulations!! Please continue to exercise the new principles and practical techniques you learned from the lectures, homework assignments, and video recordings. Remember the goals you set for your future and never abandon them. The best of luck to your future endeavors.

[blanked out]
Beverly Gilmore, Casework Manager
ACT Program Supervisor

cc: Interim Director of Adult Facilities, B. Pearson
Superintendent J. Basinger
Assistant Superintendent, J. Hendrix
Unit Team Manager, J. Snyder
Housing Lieutenant, S. King
Correctional Counselor, Dorothy Morris
Volunteer Instructor, K. Howard
Institutional Packet
SCU File


March 17, 2011

Office of the Governor,
State House Room #206,
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN. 46204-2797

U.S. Congressman,
300 E. Fall Creek Parkway,
North Drive # 300,
Indianapolis, IN. 46205

Dear Elected Officials:

I am writing to you on behalf of Leonard McQuay #874304 (Khalfani Malik Khaldun), housed at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. We have been monitoring (McQuay) Mr. Khaldun's status there at the Wabash Valley C.F. for a number of years now, and believe he has not received fair and impartial reviews for release. Leonard McQuay (Khalfani Malik Khaldun) completed the ACT-Program while housed in Department-wide Administrative Segregation (A/S). He was denied release to General Population last year once he had graduated from the program.
Per Policy 02-01-111 pg. 12 (A), he has made a request for a full review. To my understanding, this review must consist of a (3-Person Unit Team Board) according to IDOC policy. However, that is not the case with his (WVCF) Case Manager Beverly Gilmore who, by herself alone, conducts reviews at a prisoner's cell. Doing this type "incomplete & violable" kind of review denies the offender an opportunity to receive an objective review that only a (3-Membered) Unit Team Board affords them. Mr. McQuay (Khaldun) #874304, has spent [9] years housed in Segregation at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. He's completed every program presented to him over that [9] years long term, and has sought to receive a hardship transfer to the Indiana State Reformatory to be closer to family and friends; they've all been denied according to him with no explanations offered.
Mr. McQuay (Khaldun) #874304, has changed, and you may request a report of his conduct to evaluate him better.
We are requesting that you launch an inquiry to:
302 W. Washington Street,
Indianapolis, IN. 46204-2738

Please, for his family and children, and those that love him, recommend that the IDOC Commissioner release Leonard McQuay (Khalfani Malik Khaldun) to General Population. He wants to be released and transferred to the Indiana State Reformatory. Leonard (Khalfani) wants to go to school and earn his college degrees and be able to work on his case in a Law Library. Please let us know of any response you receive from the Commissioner's office.
Attached to this letter, you'll see the graduation letter from last year's completion of the ACT-Program.
Take care and let you spirit guide your actions.

John S. Dolley, Jr., S.W. Coordinator,
P.O. Box 7817,
Austin, Texas 78713

Cc: Leonard McQuay (Khalfani Malik Khaldun);
Mark Thiel - Indiana Campaign Coordinator;
Anthony Rayson,
Peter Hudis - Illinois Coordinators;
Taharka Omowale - New York Coordinator


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