April 9, 2011

2 Exonerate JT

by James Terry (author's profile)



Greetings Welcome(to:)
2 Exonerate JT
Exonerate: Free or declare free from blame.
The laws mantra
"It is better that 99 guilty
convicts escape than that 1 factually innocent
person be wrongfully imprisoned."
The state of WI. V. James
Terry II case no. 1998 CF2416 verdict is/was and
continues to be erroneous and unreliable.
Pillars of the blogging
community will be afforded to interactively
retry my case(s) in the court of popular opinion,
over the internet. let's flex our right of the
United States of America Constitution. Freedom
of speech 1st Amendment(right).
For the past 12 years my voice
has never been heard fairly simultaneously,
the trial court turned a blind eye, and winked
when he should have blinked, denying me justice.
In order to organize, build
symbiotic relationships and mobilize our global
blogging community. I ask you, weigh every
dram of weight, balance the scales of justice
ri6Htcheously. see:Hebrews 13:1-3.


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