April 28, 2015

Can You, Hear You Now?

From African Rhapsody by X-ray-Robinson (author's profile)


Emancipation Complex
The exhausted pursuit of being authentically free
by X-Ray Robinson

Can you hear you now?

Communication as an element in relationships provides clarity, health, pace, and direction. Communication requires a mutual pathway to travel openly, honestly, and consistently without hesitation or reservation. Communication is not for the weak, fearful, nor the insecure. In the acts of sincere communication is a standing firm growth that roots the heart in the gift of being present and available to the here and now. Communication is most profound when it is accurate and spoken intentionally with assuredness.

But we must remember to consider if the actions we take and behaviors we pattern line up with what we speak. Often, our behaviors are misunderstood when they are observed because our movements are not narrated for the benefits of the watching others. But self-awareness of our body, how it moves, with or without ease, will allow us to check ourselves and ensure that our own words line up with our actions. Without question, it is most beautiful to see a life lived uninterpreted. Self-alignment will fine tune the currents and frequencies that we send out into our immediate environment and the universe. By coordinating our behaviors and words with the same rhythm, we will develop poise and grace in a way that exposes authentic confidence through trusted self-development instead of creating battles to win.

Communication is always going on in some way on every level between all of us. The question is do you know what your life is communicating? The answer to this question could be located in the reactions and the incoming responses around you.

Those of you who are desperate, realize and recognize that if there is a need, hunger, or true desire to be on task and point poised with satisfying our life's purpose—we will first and foremost accept the truth that we are the thinkers who think the thoughts and speak the words that accurately create our life experiences. We must maintain a high place for sacred words to speak ever since our life, world, relationships, and affairs. Whatever we attach to our words as intentions feels strongly present or empty careless chatter. No matter our words, by law, they will ripple out and catch purposely, bringing back, without fail, whatever we have spoken-sown.

So let us press to get it right the first time and act swiftly with power to make all the mandatory corrections, adjustments, and forgive. Let us not litter a studder in terms of damage control.

Every word we speak wave away with our DNA, and we should be checking our lives for incoming verbal mail manifested back. I mean, just go and look in the mirror. I know you can see your reflection. But can you hear your reflections? Can you hear me now?

I am an African classic.


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