Oct. 11, 2015

"Lifer in Need of Attorney"

by Donald Tinsley (author's profile)


"Lifer in Need of Attorney"

Indigent prisoner doing life in the Joint. They say where theres a will there's a way. I'm Throwing my life on he Mercy of Social media. Im Man eneoph To Ask For help from those in a society who would Take a chance on me? I dont know but we will see wont we. I have been locked up Since 1994. I have Filed writs to he Courts Trying to get my life Sentence Overturned. Tying to get Any Time Knocked off. Im working on a motion to ask the Judge to dismiss my restituion or To be Fair At least Afford ToothPaste and deo, shampoo for my Hair. I havenT given up Hope That someone will help Represent me in court in Stockton CA. over he years Ive fought them for my Freedom But they have the Best Attorney's That $ can Buy And Im A Layman of he law. Laptops, Paralegals Access To The law And Again All I have is a prison law library that is locked down Any Time the prison chooses To do so when your locked up And Indigent do you Really have A chance At A Fair legal Battle with real Attorneys I dont think So.

No matter How Frustrated I get And Learning the is Stressful As it is I wont give up Hope That Someone will Take A chance on me And help m get Back into court so that I can get A parole date. The Person That gets me out I will owe my life To them And Believe me Ill Pay them Back If I have to work 2 Jobs A week with No days off. In 194 the court Put me And At that time my girlfriend A way for life sh has children out there who need to know here mom I will gt her out once I get out I Just Cant do it if From Behind these Prison walls I will never Break Any Laws Ever Again. When your a kid Imature And on Drugs you make Bad decisions. Ive Been down for over 2 decades And Believe me Ive learned my lesson for the mistakes That I made. When That 1 person Takes A chance on me that will not Regret it. Im A good person I just made some dumb Ass mistakes maybe someday someone will Read This Post And Say I Belive in Donnie And Im going To help him get out. Util That day coms I will Continue To Fight he good Fight I will File motions And Ask for legal relief. maybe when Im smart Eneoph I will show the Judge That I have ment in my case And I deserve my chance At Freedom.

You never know what can Happen If you Just Take A chance on me.


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