March 11, 2016


by Keith Nesbitt (author's profile)



Transportation is nearly as important as employment and having a residence. To have all three is important. Being employed provides you with the funs you will need to pay your rent as well as pay for your transportation. Once you are able to move from utilizing public transportation as your primary source to getting around to owning your own vehicle it will put you on a very different level, an even better level.

With your own transportation you will not only be able to drive yourself to work but you will be able to work overtime, something you needed but could not do before and you will become more responsible.

You will be able to assist others without transportation, perhaps proving a ride to and from work. There are other important aspects of owning your own vehicle. You can visit family and friends, make deliveries to those who can not do as much on their own and assist in other ways in your community. You will also become responsible for your vehicle's upkeep.

You must be cautious though to obey all traffic laws. Learn the road, traffic signs, and speed limits. Even though it may seem easy and you may wish to do it because you feel you are skilled enough, never text or use your cell phone while driving.

You have been gone for a long time. The rules of the road have changed from the way you remember them. Always be considerate of other drivers, give the right-of-way and keep your attitude in check. Everyone else has the same right to drive the roads as you do. Road rage is not healthy for anyone. Never drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication. Do not drive around with loud music. You want to give yourself the best chance at hearing approaching emergency vehicles.

Remember, you have the most to lose when you disobey traffic laws.

Always have a current license and insurance with you at all times. Make sure the specs on your car is legal; without windows not too dark tinted, tires are regulation, lift kit not too high, exhaust is not loud, nothing is hanging from your rearview mirror, etc. You want to give yourself and others the best chance and experience while driving.

When parking always obey parking/handicap sings, meter, etc. When parking downhill, turn tires toward the curb in case emergency brake fails. That way the curb will stop your vehicle from rolling away. When parking uphill, turn tires away from the curb.

Your adrenaline will be in a mad rush because you have not driven a car in years. To make you want to drive fast but you should never engage in excessive speed or racing. You should enjoy the freedom of the open road, not become a fatality of it, nor should you leave any fatalities. Drive as though you are fully aware that you are under the rules of the road and that you are not the ruler of it.

Control your vehicle. Control yourself when driving and never drive while tired.

The difference between a freeway and a highway is that you must pay to travel the highways, while the freeways is just that: free.

Always drive legally, never take unnecessary risks. Be courteous, and look out for other drivers, pedestrians, and bikers. Never jeopardize your right to drive on the freeway by disobeying the law because you will not want to pay the highway toll it will cost you for disobeying the law. Always drive with a map, so to speak, of knowing exactly where you are traveling to and why.


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