Nov. 3, 2011

Sticking 2gether

From Ms. Precious by Chris Rogers (author's profile)


Sticking Together
Gay Pride
Dedicated to LGBTQ community

Hello to the world. It's Precious once again, here to share an opinion and true story of loyalty and devotion.

You know as I sit here I think to myself of how much my all LGBTQ family should stick together for one another. In prison, I see hardly any of us stick together, a place where we should of all places stick by each other, no matter what. We have it hard enough being harassed and discriminated and beaten by inmates and even officers. If we all come together for unity worldwide, we'd be surprised at all we can accomplish as a whole. Slowly but surely we need to come together in prison even more. We should become stronger in our loyalty and devotion, by our brothers and sisters, as well as get an LGBTQ family out in the world involved too. By doing such, we can guarantee better benefits not for ourselves but for others too.

I see so many solo people only thinking about themselves or doing just them. It's bad enough emotionally and mentally. We have gay communities in the world. Why not have our own in prison walls? We can have our own support groups, people we can trust, rely on, confide in. People who will be loyal to our hearts and emotions, people dedicated to helping one another to be strong, to keep your head held high no matter what, and to never give up hope for one another, to help motivate, help inspire positive outlooks on life and our future.

We're all one. We need to be all for one, one for all. I, as a gay person, am so down for loyalty and devotion to helping LGBTQ people be all we can be, not matter what and through anything.

Now my whole time i have been locked up in prison, I actually came across only one other person like me who knows exactly the true meaning of all the above. He's a gay prisoner as well. Her name is Chyna White, my big sister! I met her fourteen months ago when I first arrived at this unit. I came to the same one, only a few doors down and I sent a small letter introducing myself. That's how our amazing bond of friendship was created.

We have both been through a lot in similar situations in life, understand one another to the fullest, and have been loyal and devoted best friends forever. We have been through a lot together but have also found strength together. She knows what it really means to stick together as family. I wish we could have met earlier in life. She has also shown me so much love, care, and support, it's unexplainable. We stick side by side on anything and take each other's side over everything. We have laughed together, cried together, made memories together. I can honestly say without any doubt I trust Chyna more than anything in life. I trust my sister with my life. I would go to anything necessary to show her I care and love her as much as my family. I go to her for advice, mental, emotional, and physical support. I would do anything in this world just to put a smile on her face. She's the best gal a sister can have. She is very sweet, intelligent, beautiful, a lovely heart, and so much positive outlook on life, it's unbelievable.

All I can say is I never know I'd come across a real, true, loyal, and loving sister till I met her. So if she ever reads this, just know, girl, you are the best. I'm glad I got you as my sister and my family, girl, always. And now your lil' sister loves you too!

N-e-way, expect to read more stories on and about a true, loyal gay scope name: Chyna White / Precious.

If i could see all LGBTQ people come together and show love like this, we would make a big impact on the word "unity". We can do it. I got faith in my people. I love all y'all. Keep your heads up and stay focused on what matters. Always smile 'cause it's all about...

Gay pride worldwide.

Kisses to my LGBTQ family.

Sept. 2011


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