July 7, 2016

Unconditional Love

by Bobby Fratta (author's profile)



I give unconditional love. It's my nature to do so. I had unconditional love for my mom & dad until the days they died. I have it for God the Father, His Son, & the Holy Spirit. So when I got married & gave my word to God to remain married "for better or for worse", I honored my word & had unconditional love for my wife through all her lies & mental, emotional, & physical abuse. We had 3 children who I loved with all my heart. They were my life & happiness. I'd always given them my total love & nurturing. My love for them was immediately unconditional & still is even though they hate me & want nothing to do with me. All 3 testified against me in my capital murder trial; 2 of them for me to be executed even though I never did anything to or against them. Once the jurors realized my own children want me dead, they obliged & sentenced me to death.

As I sit here on Texas Death Row I reflect on many things. One is obvious: I never should have married my wife in the first place. Another is: should I have broken my vow to God & divorced her before we had any children? Because my beloved children have broken my heart. I don't care if I die soon. My suffering world would be over & I'd be in paradise. But it's my children I'm concerned about. I was raising them to be Christians, but once they were taken away from me at ages 4, 6 & 8, they were raised by hate-filled non-nurturing Muslims. Hence their being brainwashed into hating me & wanting me to be killed rather than them having the unconditional love for me they had beforehand. In other words, they lost their unconditional love for me.

But do they have unconditional love for God the Father, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit? Is it even possible to have that love for Them but not for me anymore? Do my children have unconditional love for anyone? Are they even capable of giving unconditional love now? In marriage scenarios, if they have unconditional love for their spouses & children but their spouses suddenly take their children away from them like mine did, will they then hate their spouses & want them to be killed too? If their spouses were killed & my children are arrested & charged with capital murder & their children end up being raised by the hate-filled parents of their spouses, how would my children feel when their own children testify for them to be executed? If the jurors sentenced my children to death & they then saw on TV that their children were rejoicing over this outcome, would my children be heartbroken like I am? Would they wonder how the children they love unconditionally with all their hearts could now hate them so badly to do such a thing? Would my children then wonder what I went through with them & their mother? Would they question how & why they lost their unconditional love for me & came to hate me? Would they wonder if how they treated me was right or wrong?

Can any of you loving parents truly fathom the gravity of your own children testifying they want YOU to be executed? Would any of you children testify that you want YOUR loving mother or father to be executed? Or do you feel you have unconditional love for them & could never do such an incomprehensible thing? If so, then why don't my children have unconditional love for me? Is it wrong for them not to have it? Or is it right? Is it right or wrong to have UNconditional love for other people? Is it good or bad?

If you readers say it's right & good to have unconditional love for other people, then I repeat: WHY don't my children have unconditional love for me? Why is that NO PERSON has unconditional love for ME if it's right & good to do so?

I give unconditional love. It's my nature to do so.

With love,
Bobby Fratta

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Robert A. Fratta
Polunsky Unit, #999189
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Livingston, TX 77351


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