Jan. 28, 2017

Jan 20, 2017, A Time of New Beginnings

From Ashoka Speaks by Maurice L. Harris (author's profile)



Ah, a New Year is upon us. A time of fresh BEGINNINGS. I feel soooo refreshed, & ready for brand new experiences, knowledge, & all those other wonderful gifts that the start of new things bring.
Nevertheless, there's something very ominous about this particular beginning. My eternal soul is starting to recollect a time awfully familiar to this Jan. 20th beginning... like when I was one of the plebs, at the beginning of the FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE.
This ETERNAL SELF is also guiding me to warn my modern-day plebs to grab a Teflon raincoat, & a sturdy umbrella, because a major storm's a brewing!!! Therefore, if you want to survive what's coming next, you better get to brain-storming...IMMEDIATELY!!!

ADDENDUM [bolded and underlined]
In the universal spirit of new BEGINNINGS = TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITIES (to CREATE OUR OWN ENVIRONMENT), [create, our: bolded and underlined] here's a little FFT [bolded, underlined], f/our Guild's president, that stimulates my gret matter in regards to this new BEGINNING:

Many of us woke up to a different reality from the one we expected. Many have expressed deep MOURNING & FEAR. However, as a progressive legal community, we know that regardless of what the outcome would've been, we would STILL BE STANDING IN SOLIDARITY & providing legal support to MOVEMENTS.
As an org. that values HUMAN RIGHTS OVER PROPERTY INTERESTS, [over: bold] the National Lawyers Guild's [NLG's: bold] relentless defense of those rights will always be needed. As our nearly 80 years as an org. have shown, WE WILL RESIST

& WE WILL OVERCOME. In response [bold] to possible deepening government abuse and repression [bold], people;s movements will develop creative strategies [bold] to RESIST, ORGANIZE & HOLD CORPORATE & GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE. [e.g., why Trump's administration look like a KLAN RALLY?!!] {bolded in brackets}. We will COLLECTIVELY learn new way so DEFIANCE & as we have stood in SOLIDARITY with PEOPLES' DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENTS ACROSS THE WORLD [atw: bold], they WILL STAND WITH US. We WILL openly question the LEGITIMACY of our government when necessary. [With you Rep. John Lewis] {R.JL bold}. We will SUPPORT those who DISOBEY it's institutions when necessary. We will CREATE ALTERNATIVES to OPPRESSIVE INSTITUTIONS & STRUCTURES. We WILL call out & hold accountable those with TYRANNICAL DISPOSITIONS. We WILL ORGANIZE & EDUCATE [BOLD] & TEACH [BOLD] with a new passion and focus. We WILL BUILD COMMUNITY in ways perhaps we haven't yet needed tol & 1st NOR THE LAST to face the threat of ENHANCED REPRESSIVE TACTICS targeting communities of color, LGBTIQ, people with disabilities, women & gender non-conforming individuals, Muslims & immigrants, & WE WILL OVERCOME IT TOGETHER. [BOLDED]

In solidarity,
Natasha Lycia, Ora Bannan, Pres., National Lawyers Guild (Guild notes, vol. XLII, #4 winter 2016, p.3)



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