Feb. 22, 2017

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Dearest son + Family
(Dec. 24, 2016)


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Dear Annah(?) & family;

I have sat here for hours on end rereading your letter/response. I have also reread Marcus's as well. You both go on to say "you'll respond and continue to reply". But another day passed and my pain is still there? You say, "Be Real" well from where I've been sitting for the past 14 yrs I have no choice. Believe that!
Before I ask, "thank you" for your prayers and forgiveness you mention here, it really means a lot to me. You mention families? Babies? And your mother "Please" share this with her. I only want what's best for all of you. I really mean that. Just knowing all you are OK is such a relief after so many years of searching.

Continued 2 of 2. "Reply ID." Fbvd.

I was so happy to read that you had not only recieved my cards and letters over the years, but you'd read them too. I never recieved any back, but still wasn't sure you'd receieved them.
I have "So Many" questions but don't want to over do it and you stop writing. Please feel free to write me directly, I promise I won't over do-it with cards & letters. I guess the basic questions; Health, family status and all your education?? Hope I'm not asking too much too fast, but seriously I do care and love all of you.
This one question is very important and may very well help all of you to better know and understand. "Please", ask your * 3 brothers and ^especially your mother (Remarried) what the word "Addiction" and addict mean to each of them? Please know I'm not trying to make lame excuses for what I did to the family. But if I can't admit my sins and evil away I'll be no better off than so long ago. "Please", write back directly or through the blog site.
Thank so much....
Love You All xo

*4 brothers 1 sister Kevin & Nancy? Ya I know Another Question? Sorry


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