April 1, 2017

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by Daniel Gwynn (author's profile)
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Wronged Again
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Daniel Gwynn
Date: 2/21/17

Too much time has gotten away from me. I would've responded more promptly but between lessons, painting, work and bouts of depression, I stay pretty busy. I have to or I'd go mad. I'm jealous of all that sunshine you've got right now. Our whacky weather's got rain and snow hitting us at the same time. It's supposed to be SPRING! Yesterday it was 50°. Today it was 20°. Surprised I didn't get sick by now.

Looking forward to hearing about your road trip. Although my days are quite busy, it's pretty mundane and lonely. Every day is pretty much the same except for the occasional lockdown. TV consumes most of my time—my escape from reality. I've been watching the political intrigue of President Trump's deconstruction and the hypocrisy of the Republican party. He's embarrassing the country and has alienated our allies. I don't think he has told the truth since taking office. Slowly and painfully, the truth of crimes are coming to light. I really don't like how he's been claiming President Obama's residual dealings as a feather in his cap. Then blames him for his failings. Then he accuses Obama of criminal conduct!

I didn't used to be so engaged in the political scene. I thought that it didn't concern me and that my voice mattered. But as I sit here watching the world go to shit, I can no longer. I'm working on a piece now to depict the voting rights of an ex-con. We have to fight to get them restored.

Time to get back to work. Hope to hear from you soon.

Daniel :)


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