Aug. 26, 2017

In Memory of My Mom, Beverly Jean Brown

From Prison Dad by Robert Pezzeca (author's profile)


In Memory Of My Mom, Beverly Jean Brown 12/26/1956 - 8/20/2017

Riposa In Pace Momma

August 20, 2017: 11:14 am:

My nightmare has finally come true. My mom, one of the most wonderful and loving
people in this world has died. I feel numb, my tears won't stop, I lost my mom and
it doesn't feel real, it can't be true, she's my mom. I can't lose my mom, what do
I do without parents? Why am I trying to change, be good, be a better person if God
doesn't even care? Who is there left for me to be good for, to say they are proud
of me, who is there for me to try to make smile, to love with no limits or boundaries.
My parents and now mom is gone. My dad is dying of cancer too. I will lose him soon.
All the things I have done in my life make me believe the people I love the most will
suffer my choices. First it was Justine, she lost our baby, then just a few years
later she had her life ended by a man. Then my grandmom died of cancer, now my mom,
next my dad. Why am I in programs to make me a better person if there is nothing good
to come of it? A part of this was doing it in order to make my mom proud of me because
I have been such a disappointment my whole life to her. But now, why bother? To anyone
reading, please say a prayer for my moms soul. I believe in heaven & hell, I believe
in an afterlife. My mom deserves a good one. I might not but my parents do. I have
no words left in me for today. Though my mom cannot read this, I do pray that she
was proud of the good that I have done these past 10 years. I love my mom and I
wouldn't trade anything for the memories I have of her. My mom was shot in the early
1980's, she shot herself in the chest after a fight with my dad. My mom was very sad
& depressed. She used a .357 magnum with hollow point bullets and shot herself in
the chest. My dad saved her that night. I always believed that she was meant to live
for a purpose, to do something great, now I doubt God even cares. How do I deal
with this? What do I do without my mom? My dad is dying from stomach and brain cancer.
I'm the one who deserves the cancer, not them. I'm the one who took a life, not them.
This is not fair. My mom was a hard worker her entire life. She was an amazing mechanic
for about 25 years. She loved working on cars, fixing them. She loved being under
a car. She was in so much pain, but as selfish as it is, I want my mom back. She was
strong, she beat Hepatitis C, she got that while getting a blood transfusion when
she shot herself, back then they didn't test for it. She beat Myelodysplatic Syndrome,
a form of leukemia, then just when we thought she was clear, she got AML, acute myeloid
leukemia. My mom was a great woman. She raised 5 kids, my brother Eric died from
muscular dystrophy 20 years ago, but my other siblings are just selfish. Who was there
for her in the end, none of us. I owe my mom so much and now I can never repay her.
There is no one else left to love. My momma's gone and I just don't know how to finish
the day today. My mom bough a monkey when she was a teenager. I loved the story she
tell me. She bought it for $150. Had to put diapers on it because every time
it got scared, it would climb on someones back and pee. My mom was also a nurse's
aide, she was an LPN, she did nursing home care, private home care and she took care
of a lot of people who died from cancer. She said it was very scary. But now that's
my mom. I lost my mom and I feel numb, why can't this be a sick joke? Mom never hurt
anyone, she didn't deserve this. My aunt Cindy is the only family I have left besides
my dad, I called her and she said my dad has weeks left. She said that my mom fell
into a coma and died in her sleep. Moms not in anymore pain but I want my mom back.
That's me being selfish. I love my mom, I would give my life to give hers back to her.
But this is not how it works. Thank you for reading this, please say a prayer for my mom.

I called my aunt Cindy and she told me that my mom went into a coma and died in her sleep.
That doesn't comfort me at all. I still lost my mom & I know this isn't about me but it
hurts. My brother, the one who refused to bring my mom to visit me, was with her. I have
to ask the chaplains office for a call to my mom tomorrow, I mean my Dad. It doesn't feel
real to me that she is gone. I want to go to sleep tonight and not wake up. It just hurts
too much. I gotta go through this one more time. When my dad is gone, there is no one else
for me to love, no one to love me, i'll just be free of emotional attachments. My kid hates
me and my family is gone. Just Cindy is left. But she has her own problems, her own life.
My heart is broken, I miss my mom, I wanted nothing but to see her buy my family wouldn't
bring her. When dad did, the prison wouldn't let mom in. So I only got to see dad last month
for 15 - 20 minutes. That's all I got for now. I don't wanna even talk about it anymore today.
Thank you for letting me vent my pain. Doubt it will help today, and every day I remember my
mom. I love you momma. You were an amazing mother and I thank you for being such a wonderful,
loving mom who never turned her back on me no matter how much I messed up in life. Ti Amo Momma.
God Bless, Ciao.


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BostonRocks Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 3 months, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

Cavak Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 3 months, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
I'm so sorry about your momma, and I'm sorry that your dad isn't getting better. At least you have these good memories with her. It wasn't all bad, right? It doesn't help with the loss, I know. But I hope you will always treasure them to keep her alive in you. It sounds like from this vent that she lived quite a life. There's probably even more there that you can keep close to your heart.

Could you ask your family members to send some of her possessions to you? Or a picture maybe? Hope they can do that much.

Don't give up on being a better person. Keep faith in yourself too, no matter hard it may seem now. You may never know when something will come along to lift your spirits up.

bluvsu2 Posted 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 months ago   Favorite
I know this is really late, but I just refound you. I have been so busy and dealing with things that I have not been online to read.

I am so sorry about your Momma. I still have mine but lost my Dad to cancer in 2006. It is hard going on without our parents. Just remember you will see signs of your mom. "Winks from Heaven" they will be things out of no where. Your mom is watching down on you every day.

Please don't look back at past behaviors. Do not give up. Go forward. In time the pain will change, it never leaves. You just learn to live a new norm. The memories will be painful for awhile, but someday you will think of something about your Mom and smile. Sending you prayers and hugs.

Rita Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 2 months, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
dearest friend Robert,

I am late too. When I heard your mom died, I wrote something to Melanie to tell you; hopefully you got those words by her. We had a mass for a mom who died of cancer and in that mass I prayed for your mom as well.2 marvelous moms!I know you loved to talk with her as much as you could.Now she stays at your side your life long. You can still talk to her, Robert.She sees your pain and listens to what you have to tell her.:)
She guides you now. Your mom is in a better place and watches upon you. She sees her son and smiles on you. May this comfort you. Robert, you finally found your way and just go forward on that same path.If you are a good person, you'll attract good people along the way. :)
Your momma is just at the other side, you know... Just keep all the happy moments in your heart and in certain things you'll see her face. Hear her voice... :) Those stay for ever in your mind.
One of these days you get some money like before. I told Melanie. I hope your dad is taken care off. Cherish him as best as you can. You can't do more. Try always your best and see what comes towards you, my friend.
A warm hug from your friend Rita x .

Jidjesgirl Posted 2 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 2 months, 1 week ago   Favorite

I am very sorry for the loss of your beloved Mother. Your Mom will live forever in your heart each and every day. You keep doing the good you are doing and keep your head up. You are in my daily prayers. Making your Mom proud of the man you are today is the best gift you can give her. She is with you always and sees the man you are. Knowing this should give you peace, I hope it does. Take good care of yourself.

Liz Geyer

Robert Pezzeca Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago.   Favorite
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Robert Pezzeca Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 1 month, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
hello dear friend Robert,I certainly will read the news about how your banquet went!Hope you reached a lot of people who can make a difference in life for lifers... And I am sure it has :) I am so very glad you might to see your daughter,Robert!She came to you in the right time, don't you think!?Blood of your blood, that is so very wonderful.-smile- I had a super cool visit at my daughter's. They live in a light(clear) and nice house there in San Diego, CA.Their yard ends at a small canyon.And I sat on their self made swing, hung up at the branch of an American oak.I was kind of busy there. Made twice a day a walk with their black 9 month old labrador, Kona. He is tall!But an extremely sweet dog he is.He goes now to a training course for dogs.But he already has a lot of discipline.He and me enjoyed so much our mutual walks.;)The children came home from school with mom at about 4pm. Sometimes I cleaned, did my yoga every day, wrote letters to pen pals, read in my book, went to a store, went to the children's soccer teams, did a walk with Leslie and the dog at the beach, bought 4 turtles in a semi precious stone(onyx) and fossilized black marble.

Rita Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 1 month, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
Small ones though, with a paper saying the origin from the mine in Ecuador.All stones and marble were different in color.They are for my neighbors who took care of my apartment; watering my plants, helping me out on certain things, taking my mail, etc And one for myself. Turtles represent in China longevity, did you know?I've a few in my house.I visited China.My first contact with Asia! Adric, my grandson of 8 cried when I said farewell.I could see it was hard on him. :(I told him his name came from the Adriatic Sea.(ITALY!)I showed it his world globe.He is VERY fascinated with Science and Geography!I showed him 4 fascinating places in the world!I've seen them.The Nazca Lines in Peru, The EASTER Island belonging to Chile,the Galapagos Islands close to Ecuador and I mailed him on my smartphone from the airport to look for the Machu Pichu in Peru too.We did so many activities together, you know.Claire is a wild smart and very talented girl,6 she is.Very creative and reads so very well!She is a good dancer, a very good athletic, sings so very well...Her dad says she is a handful!:) The bad news is, that someone (or more?) broke in in my apartment in BE! It happened on Oct.18th Well, it seems like they didn't steaL really a lot.All my drawers stood open. They weren't going in my safe.Even 100 euros were still there. My tv and my laptop are still in my room,... I got photos from my neighbor Simonne and the police didn't find fingerprints.I am at ease now.They close the blinds every day, going towards my terrace where they broke in.I saw George already 3 times; I've still 7 days to visit him.I made up a visit on Saturday because of 1day lock down.We've a 4 hr visit a day; 5 in a row per month.He is my love... we enjoy every minute we see each other, Robert.I realize how much I miss him in my life...What a wonderful time we have here!!He told me that we can even talk with each other on video, paying an amount of money per month.That would be so very great! Take care Robert, stay strong and live every single day in the honor of your so loved mom. She watches you. :))) Big warm hug from Rita!x

Robert Pezzeca Posted 2 weeks ago.   Favorite
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Rita Posted 1 week, 5 days ago. ✓ Mailed 6 days, 23 hours ago   Favorite
hello Robert,

So good to hear from you!Your letters are always warm;even when regrets and sadness sound through it.We loose things(your beloved mom...:( )in life and we gain love in it too (your cherished daughter :)). Such is life.
I am pleased to hear the banquet went fine and you got some valuable contacts made! Oh yes,I got your picture through Melanie.She is a very nice person.How did you know her,Robert?You know whet? You look very Italian.:)When I was about 19 we did a school trip(end of our high school)to Rome,Pisa,Firenze,Ravenna and other cities more.One night we slept in a convent.We had nuns.The Italian boys knew that.And one evening they gave us a marvelous serenade!We were listening to it in our night gowns.:))Suddenly the nuns came out of their dorm and chased those boys away!I still recall that enjoyable moment!And later,I was 22 or 23 and I left with two friends to Italy.Mom had warned me:only come back not being pregnant!Well,I knew Gennaro from a youth hostel where we were sleeping and he spoke English.Later each of us had a boyfriend.We did auto stop and then we had to promise dancing with them.We kept an eye on each other.So,I never went to the beach with him late in the evening. We ate ice creams kissed and that w

Rita Posted 1 week, 5 days ago. ✓ Mailed 6 days, 23 hours ago   Favorite
was that.One day Geneviève joined us;she was a French girl.Only much later Greet(say Grate),my boarding school friend at 16 and best friend,told me before she died(from eutanasia...)that Geneviève had been pregnant and she had let remove it.I had never realized.We kept writing for a long time after my voyage,Gennaro and me.A vacation love.I've known a few boys, but I sensed they weren't the man I would marry one day.Till I met Karel.I met him on a youth camp in France.We were married for 33yrs and two lovely daughters were born out of our union.But we drifted apart... till I met my twin soul,George.Karel brought me to America.And if I hadn't lived there,I never would have written to George one day.All was meant to be.The red thread through my life...
Now this!George wrote a very nice letter to my mom;just to show and explain our bond,our loving relation.She had said before:"he is only a man on paper!" :(I came home from America the day after her birthday.The next week I would see her in Brussels and would dine out somewhere.Joke(Yoke) came as well.We had a fine dinner together and Joke left and mom and me would go to her apartment.We had a siesta and I had already given her her present. But during the cup of coffee,I told her I had another surprise.A letter from George!"I don't want to read it",she said."But he tries to tell you about our feelings from one to another,mom"!"I don't like having anything to do with it",she said.Whatever I tried to tell her,she had no ears for it!"You can love all you want,but that's none of my business!",... I had tears in my eyes,Robert."You make life even harder for me",she said and called me a naive soul..."Then we've not to see each other anymore...". I didn't answer that question.:(( A few days later I made a new call, saying "love is never wrong,mom"."Is your sermon now finished" she asked?Well, I told my English friend Win(she is married to an inmate,Les(lie),-she has my age and Les is a lot younger- who wrote those nice words to me:'Why can't people be happy for us when we have someone in our lives that make us happy,is that such a bad thing?'
Words that comforted me after the hard words mom told me..., Robert.:(((
Late HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Robert!!!!Wish you all the best! Thanks for being my friend! :))) xxx

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