Sept. 11, 2017

Virgo I

by William Goehler (author's profile)


Virgo I

Approx. 2-10° Virgo

System Builders

Late summer




The Virgin

Sensation, Thought

The Virgo I period takes System Builders as its central image. This period can be likened to the time in a person's life when the instinct to consolidate and solidify existing structures, marriages or partnerships, businesses, etc., asserts itself. Also, at this time, many individuals take part in service-oriented activities, whether in their family, professional or social life. The desire to be helpful and to constructively influence the course of events manifests here.

The days which comprise Virgo I symbolically reveal the mature adult beginning to apply his/her energies in the service of social ideals, perhaps working with and supporting a partner, building dependability and efficacy, and taking a more no-nonsense and businesslike attitude toward the world. This may indeed be a time when overly carefree or irresponsible individuals recognize it is time to clean up their act.


Virgo I people are generally straightforward and direct. Those born in this period who are blessed with leadership abilities usually apply their talents and energies in the practical service of some group or cause. Virgo I's operating in a more self-serving sphere are less likely to be successful. Virgo I's make excellent partners, co-workers and business associates. Eschewing the spotlight, many born in this period prefer to work in a team or behind the scenes, thus enjoying a sense of freedom in anonymity. Still other Virgo I's choose to work alone, and may often appear lonely or isolated to others. In fact, strong but selfless Virgo I's are capable of working contentedly in an uncomplaining fashion for years with little material reward.

Virgo I's know that there is always a way to get something done. The key to their confidence is often in their understanding of how to reduce tasks to a system, or through practice to overcome technical obstacles. One danger, of course, is that their lives may become highly flexible because of rigid programming. In such a life, the system may become more important ultimately than the goal. As parents, Virgo I's must beware of being too strict when setting rules for their children. On the other hand, should they believe in allowing them great latitude, they can be equally capable of building a system that idea as well!

Virgo I's make excellent friends who, although not particularly flashy or flamboyant, may serve as a haven of safety in times of distress. Because of their dependability, some Virgo I's attract unstable individuals and foster dependencies. Thus, despite their seemingly endless capacity to be helpful and constructive, Virgo I's must protect themselves against those who are overly demanding of their energies.

Virgo I's love to elaborate ideas, schemes and systems of thought through speech and writing. Usually they can find hundreds of examples to back up their opinions, but may have a tendency to fixate on one single idea or stream of thought to the exclusion of all others. They may also latch on to a particular person in an obsessive way, especially in the case of Virgo I's who have trouble making lasting, deep friendships.


Soften your stance a bit - take things as they come and let them go as they will. Try to keep your work and home life separate. Step out a bit and demand dependability from others, too. Protect yourself from hangers-on and parasites. Occasionally be more selfish and unashamedly demand benefits for yourself.


Geraldine Ferraro, Albert B. Sabin, Mother Teresa, Yasser Arafat, Ingrid Bergman, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Dinah Washington, Charlie Parker, Mary Godwin Shelley, Roy Wilkins, Maria Montessori, Frank Robinson, Ann Richards, Rocky Marciano, Christa McAuliffe, Terry Bradshaw

Yes indeed! I'm gunna need your help these next few years if the parole board is ever going to release me. Write me directly and let's work out the details.
Wm Goehler #K77832
POW 409020, A2-233
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Dearest Destiny,
Happy birthday sweetheart. You are always in my heart and prayers.

Monday 28


It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
Professor Albus Dumbledore

June 2017 was the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the first of seven books in the Harry Potter series. I was not one of the early adopters, to borrow a phrase from my former place of employment; I discovered Harry Potter just shortly before the second book was published. From the first moment I cracked open Book 1, though, I was hooked. Since that time, I have read and reread all seven books more times than I can count.

Harry is an unusual character - not because of the fact that he was a wizard and the only person known to have survived a killing curse. Harry is unusual because he never let the outer circumstances of his life provide excuses for being anything less than loving. Even though cruel and unloving relatives raised him, he never stopped being kind. Even when it would have been easier to side with people who were more powerful, he chose instead to side with those who were essentially good.

When he was racked with fear or doubt, or filled with anger and resentment, he remained true to his own internal compass. He eventually came back to center and allowed his essential nature - that of love - to be expressed. Harry chose to be who he was at each of the crossroads in his life.

Even though Harry is a fictional character, his example is a good one. We are all faced with countless choices each and every day. Do we choose what is easier or what is right? Do we choose separation and hatred or do we melt into our own essential nature - that of love - to be expressed. Harry chose to be who he was at each of the crossroads in his life.

Even though Harry is a fictional character, his example is a good one. We are all faced with countless choices each and every day. Do we choose what is easier or what is right? Do we choose separation and hated or do we melt into our own essential nature and feel the vulnerability that lets us experience love? It is out choices that define us far more than our innate abilities.

I choose, each moment of every day, to be the expression of love that is me.

I wish you all the best - in every way.

Be blessed.


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Destinyjoy Posted 1 year, 8 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 8 months ago   Favorite
Thank you Dad. For always thinking of me. I love you endlessly
Your daughter

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