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Date: Sept. 28,2017


Good afternoon - Julia. RU enjoying it? Hope so - no reason not to unless "good grief" has introduced its self. Please tell me it has not!

Moment of Silence

It's bright and sunny with the occasional gust of wind, way over here in Redgranite (do not worry no one else has heard of it either)...
I'm just waiting to be called to HSU (prison hospital) to get my burned foot checked up. The blisters are starting to fall off, on purpose and on accident. I'm just relieved the the lizard skin season has subsided. Now though there is an abundance of itching that I better not scratch. Amazingly enough sometimes when I think about scratching it, it seemingly scratches it's self! Wonder if my guardian angel knew that part of serving and protecting me included itching my itch.

You are most welcome for the Thank You I am making a more conscious effort to show gratitude for the things people so for me, especially when they don't know me from Adam, or did not have to show me any form of kindness in the least bit. so thanks again. The things you do reveal the state of your heart. Your Heart seems to be oozing with goodness and helpmate-ism Its definitely appreciated, so thank you for blessing my Nike socks off with your last post. I know that took a lot of time and effort especially since I am guessing You had too look at one computer while typing on another or keep going back and forth from wikipedia to Between the Bars and so on, you get the just. So im ever grateful for the investment of time you put into disseminating that intellectual information. Thank You Julia, sincerely Antoine.

You speak Dutch, German, and English. That is quite an accomplishment. Smile. What language is easier to learn? What language is your first language? Thanks for not sharing the uninteresting things as in english, and for putting up with my handwriting.

I wonder if google wrote the "google" for google? I would think Larry Page and sergy Brin would own more than 14 % of google shares. Well never heard of Alphabet till the day I got your response (9-21-17)

Never Knew the G in gmail stood for google now it all makes sense. I have heard of google and google maps but all the other amenities were new to me.
Side bar- judt put google plus in my parole plan, and maybe I can find a fashion design job through it, or at least a place to sell designs too.

I've heard of youtube, and even had a video we did in prison as part of a anti violence competition posted on there. Not sure if its still on there or how long they store videos http://youtube.be/vy9IRVoFpuQ .

Wonder if the voice is named alexia?

It's odd that a company would have the unofficial slogan "don't be evil" Then even to use the phrase "do the right thing" sounds to like me like there must be a lot of temptation to "be evil" and do the wrong thing. navigating through the minds and thoughts of the CEO and board members. The things the world will reveal even when we do not mean to.

So, a day after your communication I was glancing at a magazine called WATCH (tv guide) and some fashion caught my eye; Especially a Levi blue jean coat that _________ google Jacquard yarn made w/ metallic alleys and cotton fibers It comes w/ a detachable tag, cuff and the technology allows you to swipe in to skip a song, swipe out to get a google maps update or tap to accept/reject a phone call.

Whew sounds like a lot to me. In some ways I believe technology has gone too far. We have devices that control other devices and so on. I do not need a $350 coat on top of a iphone


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Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post.

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