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Greetings Mrs. Julia,

Blessings to you and yours:

Your most welcome for the longest answer. It's what i do. My heart is to big for my body, as I say, the reason I write so much. Guess my way with words come from always striving to hone my craft. It's like if everything's been said before, how do I say it differently? (This just in) How to build a better mousetrap with words? Meanwhile I fashion myself as a poet of sort. Thanks for the compliment i store it in my journal for encouragement. Thanks for the lasting impression.

Thanks for teaching me "dystopian" thought I could figure out the meaning, but I looked it up anyway. Can't wait to work it into a sentence! Well, what are the odds? Guess what? I do have access to a (13' RCA tv) we're allowed one. Plus they have big ones in our dayroom (living room. Anyways Mrs. Julia like two months ago guess what they showed on the prison movie channel? Yes, "The Circle" I didn't watch it all the way through. Since it was on repeat I kind of turned back and fourth, sometimes watching it for like 10-20 minute stretches. Had I knew we were going to meet I would've watched it all at once! Your commentary helped me understand the gist of the story. It kind of lost me, when I saw the movie. Probably because my lack of tech experience. Found it hard to follow, plus on the "little screen" you can barely see what they texted on the phones etc... Parts I remember, Emma's character going o work for the company, her seeing an old friend and chasing her into the bathroom. Her giving the live presentation to have the world help her locate a wanted criminal. Cheers for her to locate her long lost friend (male). His wanting to be left alone, and his live crash that ended his life. Then "Emma" turning the tables and using the circles of technology against Tom Hanks and dude that played "Spence" from King of Queens. Wonder if they have that book back in the library? Not like I got time to read it though, or maybe I do? I seem to keep an overbooked schedule. I know it's cause my light shining!

My Bad, I just assumed you were part of between the bars crew. Not sure how all this stuff works on the free-end. From what I recall, the introductory sheet was "b+b" a nonprofit organization giving prisoners a voice. I send in "post" then they have time helpful/thoughtful/social conscious college students scan my writings into the computer and we go from there. i can put drawings/pictures on the blog too, but if I want them returned I have to enclose an SASE. Even though your not with "b+b" the thank you still stands. Well it would be a million times easier for me to continue blogging with "b+b" after my release. Then try to learn how to do it on my own.

My release is imminent, it's God's fault! I saw Parole on October 30th and was given an eleven month free English I have to do nine more months before they will reconsider letting me go home. But I'm believing that the God I serve can have them use the option to reduce my defer, to six months. Sorry, prison policies are complicated and hard to explain. So I'll tell you like this, March 2018 keeps coming to me, so I'm hopeful that God can have me released then or before then. No matter what I'm going to "blog' it as soon as I have a definitive date. Thanks for asking.

My left foot is coming along pretty well. I'm back using it as a hand occasionally. Thought all the scarring would go away but-nope. So I have little islands that look like this. I love it though, Broken but Beautiful. One thing I've learned is that scars themselves are conversation starters. So I'm grateful for the opportunity to share "that" story and many others. I'm grateful that you know so many languages, I'm sure my handwriting is German for the most part j/k. Have you ever combined or mixed words when going from one dialect to the next? Or went back and fourth in one conversation? I've seen people who speak Spanish do that! So may I ask, why do you like French "a lot" sure you have an intriguing answer. I agree that knowing more than one language "broadens something in your mind". Remember I started Spanish in 7th, I felt all gushy and excited inside, and just had an aura of being well read/cultured. Sadly-kinda I didn't finish the class! Right!! if you don't have a word for it, how can you think it?

I understand things can be confusing. I've dealt with it just by reading the Bible. Part of it was written in Hebrew, then parts in Greek/Arabic. Then it was translated into 16th Century English, and so on and so fourth. So at Bible study it was plenty of arguments about "well it should've been this word, or the word means". Example the King James Bible says "Charity never Fails" but charity means agape love )unconditional love). Then you hear how you have to learn Hebrew etc to get the full extent of God. makes me want to pull my hair out. Wish there was just one version of the Bible.

On a way happier note, you came to my mind last weekend. Yup, I was at a weekend seminar on fatherhood where the leaders were a married couple. The lady's name was Ilze. She had a thick accent as she was from a country somewhere by Sweden? The Baltic Sea? She said where, but i don't remember. she even mentioned her native tongue which I don't recall either. But it was a cool change, at the end she spoke John 3:16 in her language. i just remember "Dios" (God). :-)

Happy "Love to write day" guess that's why I've been writing from 9:30am-12:30pm then 2:30pm-5pm then 6pm-9:25pm(now). Whew, now I have to calm down and relax, 4am comes around pretty quick. You are going to go far in life. I can see it in your word choices and well roundedness. You seem cultured, thoughtful, self-motivated, relaxed, joyful, driven and self-aware. You will have a great day, because it's what you do.



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