June 21, 2018

For the (Track) record

by William Goehler (author's profile)


For the TRACK second

To: Self Help Group Facilitators - William Goehler

From: Scott E-92150, MAC Self Help Chairperson

RE: Independent Study Program, L.T.A.G. Creation Procedures

The MAC has created a Self Help Committee to facilitate the creation of more Self Help opportunities for the general population. Your assistance is needed to streamline this process.

A meeting will be held Saturday the 28th at 7:00 p.m. on the yard to cover the following subjects:

* The process for creating, proposing, and approving new L.T.A.G. groups through the MAC and Administration.

* Creation of Independent Study Programs based on existing Self Help Programs.

* Explanation of duties for the MAC Self Help position

* Addressing the needs of existing Self Help Groups on "A" Facility.

* The appointment of other committee Positions. To be picked from current facilitators.

Your input and suggestions on these matters will be appreciated. I can be reached at 2:00 p.m. in front of 1Blk if you have any comments.

It is the hope of this committee that we can spread the message of recovery to as many people as possible.

The Facility "A" Mac thanks you for the time.

Scott #E-92150 A1-247U
P.O. Box 409020
Ione CA 95640

Fiat Lux!

What are your short term goals for this program?
Inmate leisure time activity group under the auspice of an internationally renowned organization, criminon's purpose is to help incarcerated criminals learn to be productive members of society and brings about reform so that prisons actually rehabilitate. Criminon courses via mail and/or ILTAGs provide certificates of completion recognized by correction agencies world wide.

Would you support an independent study program? What programs could you offer?
The association for better living and education is the patron of the way to happiness org./criminon int./ applied scholastics int/ and narconon int. Each with their distinct study tech our criminon courses include: 1) the way to happiness 2) learning skills for life 3) overcoming addiction 4) successful parenting 5) communication skills 6) handling suppression 7) personal integrity, 8) conditions of life.

What help or support would you require from inmates or the prison administration to achieve your goals.
ILTAG state sponsor (Sandy Tanner O.T., available on Wednesdays). I/M sign-up sheet/time-space. Able int. is dedicated to social betterment on a planetwide scale, and the only thing "required" is interest. Criminon/narconon/applied scholastics/the way to happiness organizations of able int. supply all the materials necessary.

What questions do you have for the inmates interested in your program?
Do you have the time to apply yourself to group and/or independent study of basic common sense principles to improve your ability to maintain better living conditions both inside and outside of prison? Would you prefer correspondence course study or ILTAG study or both.

What independent study programs do you offer besides crimminon?
Of the above listed able orgs: applied scholastics. Courses include 1) learning how to learn 2) how to use a dictionary 3) study skills for life, narconon consists of a series of exercises and study upon withdrawal, communication drills, exercise and nutritional supplements, learning improvement communication and perception, personal values and integrity, changing conditions in life. (for more info, see: http://www.able.org)

Thank you for your time

T. SCOTT, E-92150
Self Help Program Chairperson M.A.C.

Thank you

As easy as Genesis 1 2-3


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