Nov. 21, 2018

Beauty To The Lost Eye

From Real Talk Always by Anthony P. Heard Jr.



Beauty to the Lost Eye
Speaking the truth once again!

Attractiveness: to cause to draw near or adhere. To arouse the interest, admiration, or attention of.

Her attractiveness on the outside is only god sent for us men to respect, understand, and cherish. To understand a woman's beauty, you have to shift your arousal to the beauty that's lost to the eye. A woman's attractiveness is what draws us to them. By using beauty in hopes to draw us men closer to their body and become interested in learning their mind.

The magnificent beauty of a woman is inside of her. Nothing on the outside can match the knowledge, wisdom, and life lessons she has stored within. In order to understand what's inside a woman, you must first manifest the existence and presence of a woman's perception of life. As men, we seem to only periodically accept that women are our equals, leaving too much for our women to perish in thought as well as understanding.

Perfection—so often us men seek this in women. Not her inner perfection, but her outta perfection. Which not only limits the man's persistence, it also perpetuates the woman's existence as life doors into the world. To ignore, beat, abuse, and degrade women is a pernicious outcome on mankind and our nation.

To preserve our women through thick and thin is the way men are supposed to be. To respect the perspicuous persona of our women, we are empowering that woman and the nation. Her loyalty is to the man who is going to apply lubricants to her mind and give, as well as receive, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. A man who lifts her up and lubricates her low-mindedness and empowers her into an impressive component to men.

Final wisdom
Glorify your woman's inner strength and beauty, and allow yourself the opportunity to get to know her before you dismiss her. Looks are in the eyes of the beholder, but always remember—another man's trash is another man's treasure.

Real Talk Always


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Barranco Posted 3 years, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
you took my family away from me. Carmen Dax. what did you know of her? how long did you know her ?. How do you come to terms with this now that you have had time to think? I remember you picking your nails in the court room and when they showed you the picture of my dead family in blood on the floor in her underwear you had no remorse. that's what I remember.

Anthony P. Heard Jr. Posted 3 years, 2 months ago.   Favorite
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DJforJames Posted 3 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 2 months ago   Favorite

Thank you for the reminder; forgiveness is my purpose in life. Who ever directed my attention to the power and intent that forgiveness can have in my life was truly speaking for my creator to me.

I’ve taken the view now that forgiveness is the purpose of all life. To illustrate my findings about this observation I can tell you that in my life I observe people do way more forgiving than they have given themselves credit. Imagine how many times a day someone is cutoff traffic...the number has to be in the billions on a daily, now look how few of those instances turn into few! So few when compared.

I’ve studied forgiveness and it’s role when consciously applied to day to day life and I’ve come to know forgiveness. And who ever reminds me of this with intent is speaking on behalf of our creator.

Furthermore, I am grateful for all my opportunities, past,present, future, to forgive.

tenzintenzin Posted 3 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
Sometimes the most heartfelt and sincere apology is rejected. People, especially people impacted by tragedy or terrible acts of violence negate the very idea of an apology as they either feel that it would erase their family member or friend, or is an anathema to them personally, and perhaps they truly feel it is not in their power to grant, they just cannot do it, and that’s an honest response.
Perhaps a better route here would be atonement. Living your life as an act of correction for previous conduct. Be a better version of yourself and strive to recognise in others, your prior character that’s caused your life to hurtle towards cataclysm. Catch them before they fall.
It is an act of strength to live with a terrible remorse. No one knows but you what that feels like. There perhaps is some mythology that people outside fall easily into that a person like your victim is someone who you rarely consider. That you sit in a cushy jail cell with ‘three hots and a cot’, without thought or notion into how your life and hers collided with such violence. Maybe it is something you will have to say every day of your life, to each and every person who ever confronts you about it. Self confrontation is terrifying. Time is terrifying, and a mind unobserved is terrifying.
Atonement, or at one ment, might be a good step and encourage some active thought about pushing ahead.
All the best

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