Nov. 23, 2018

Whu's Ur Jesus?

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As I attempted 2 sleep the few hours of sleep afforded me, I could hear the blaring of a neighbor's TV (maybe it was his radio). "Y can't he just wear his headphones? Ugh! ... " Thinkin 2 give him a piece of my mind, I laid there. Findin "anger management" in the fact that the doors were sealed.

Was wrestlin 2 get comfy -n- toasty when God's small voice appeared. "People R stayin up because they have hope -n- faith in Tony Evers." I received His words then got my sleep on.

Walkin 2 work at 4:32 am a co-worker mentioned, "Tony Evers won."

"Not sure. Turned my TV off."

"Well, I think he did."

"They'll have it on the news."

The rest of my male constituents were signin in when the question was posed: "Who won?" with smiley faces -n- early mornin chipperness, that's never associated with men in prison, someone uttered "Evers".

Cheers, applause -n- hope filled the main kitchen. This was due 2 1 reason -n- 1 reason only - RELEASE.

U see, this new Governor of Wisconsin said he would significantly reduce the Dairy State's prison population by 50%. Mind U there approximately 22,000 peoople incarcerated in the state's prisons. Whew! Ruffly 1,024 R in RGCI with me. Either way, with the progression of time I found myself in a conversation about the election results. On his end he mentioned how he was happy about the results because of what it meant 4 his stepdaughters (in Milwaukee) -n- their education. He informed me of school closings that had taken place under Scott Walker's administration -n- its impact on class sizes -n- ultimately the graduation rate or lack thereof.

On my end I commented on havin a college age daughter -n- if I was her age I'd just max out credit cards -n- start a business, rather than go 2 college, go in debt, -n- go 2 the unemployment line.

I primarily mentioned how "a lot of people who think they gone be up -n- released; won't be". For one there'll be a process 2 get free, as Evers mentioned re-establishin the "Pardon Advisory Board, which Walker did away with." On top of that Mr. Evers said WHO he would release: NON VIOLENT DRUG OFFENDERS. Well everyone elated at Evers' victory didn't fit this category yet spoke with definitive confidence of their bein "bout 2 go home soon Evers take over in January."

As me -n- the young man continued 2 speak with 1 another, it was realized that even some of those granted release - would UNFORTUNATELY come back. Shows in their talk -n- walk. Which led us 2 converse on how U have 2 be INTENTIONAL bout not comin back 2 prison especially the man is on his 2nd dime in. But that's neither here no there.

It's ruffly 3pm -n- I've had the liberty of observin/overhearin others rejoice in this "salvation" (i.e. early release) -n- their "NEW saviour" - Tony Evers. Yet my faith in God won't let me.

Maybe it's cause of the dreams I've had since Easter 2015 of GOD grantin me "release from prison". Amen. Even had 1 last night, while volunteers were countin the ballots. So I didn't have 2 be burdened by stayin up 2 the wee hours of the mornin. Like 1 of my co-workers who remarked; "I stayed up all night (2 see the results)". The inflection in his voice told me he would've been super angry had the election not went his (selfish) way. Would've had the same rage as those saying "Man I can't believe I stayed up all night - just 2 watch the Packers lose!"

Course this is cause now they dog tired -n- "wish I had went 2 sleep".

Well I didn't have 2 wish. :) I had no worries bout the results, so I didn't have 2 lose more sleep just 2 see who won. See Jesus is my Lord -n- Saviour, not the governor, president, or NE other earthly higher up. Feel me?

So even IF Scott Walker had won I would still be here believin that - God gone release me in His perfect timing. Ecclesiastes 3:11.

So now that the political race is over my sentiments remain the same. Even when the question - who won? was put out 4 public discourse, I responded JESUS.

Yup. That's right. JESUS WON which means though Tony Evers the new Governor of Wisconsin (congrats) Jesus - STILL my Jesus N I find hope in that. I put my faith in Him -n- Him alone so be it.


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