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Greetings Kyla.

How R things?

I'm here 4 the most part. Mad at myself 4 bein-mad. Mad at me 4 bein mad at God, himself. But its all my own fault. Misinterpreted a dream. In it I was tellin a guy let's call him "Bob" that I packed up (i.e bein transferred 2 another prison) Well yesterday 'bob' packed up 2 go 2 the same prison I'm scheduled 2 go 2. I congratulated him (change is good. Plus he goes home in like a year) -n- joked hopefully they'll pack me up 2. So I started getting ready just in case. Whole time I was at work I was hooein-n-prayin they say "go back-n- PACK UP" well obviously those words never came.. Once I knew the bus had came-n-went I had 2 confront my self-given disappointment. I try'd 2 get over it playin basketball but that was an even bigger disappointment. Thanks for answerin the age question. I needed closure plus it offers me prepestive-n-insight on what role God would have me 2 play. If that makes sense. Sorry 2 hear ur credits got messed up. Hopefully that won't happen again. Yeah I've heard of online schoolin. Cool u can go at ur own pace. I take a Bachelors Degree course that's the same way, long with a writin course. Discipline is hey (4 me) easy 2 put off when u don't have the demandin of ur presence in a classroom. Though I'm on pace to graduate next year probably would've been sooner if I went 2 a brick-n-mortar college. Think my daughter is doin the same thing. Workin-n-savin $$ 4 college while tryin 2 figure out where 2 go. Aren't the colleges outta ur state more expensive? Have u considered a Technical college? Perhaps on the job trainin? In Wisconsin 4 instance once u work 4 the state u can transfer 2 other jobs outside where u work at. Let me explain. A 40 (correction officer) can transfer -n- become a social worker (counselor). I've also seen 40's who were once kitchen supervisiors. N 40's who transferred 2 front office jobs -n- even maintenance. One even became a nurse (course she had 2 go 2 night school) 2 learn it but never the less..)

Reply ID: cm4v

Has ur criminal instree teacher recommended NE good colleges/interships etc? Who knew between the bars was that well known like how he said the "place is really trustworthy" Reminds me that I'm a public servant. So help me God. 2 answer ur question. no my facility doesn'[t offer iPads. We just got email Kiosks in the middle of 2017. Course we have 2 pay 5 cents 2 send em out -n- the receivin party has 2 purchase $1o worth of prepaid emails! Then in like June of this year we officially got tablets (ie the Edge Mini Player w/5' screen) unlike Arizona here u have 2 buy them 4 $139 course u gotta get the $9 power cord/adapter -n- most get the optional cover think its $4 (yup) It comes w/ like 4 games but u can buy more. Most would rather buy music at $1.95/song It also has 53,000 free books - not sure the quality though. N also if u have 1 ur emails go straight 2 it -n- u can respond back on it as well. Beneficial cause on the kiosk u only get 15 minutes to respond 2 ur emails. Which barely knocks a dent in the 13,000 characters u allowed. Just emailed my daughter -n- think I used 250 character at best b4 time expired. Still prayin on if I should get one. 3 reasons.
1. I need 2 b familiar w/technology which didn't exist when I got locked up.
2. No radio station "up here" plays the music I want 2 hear, like Lecrae, Marvin Sapp, 2pac, southern gospel
3. Workin on a memoir/books. Would love 2 B able 2 sit-n-"type" em up on the tablet. (n-email) em 2 my mom 4 safe keepin) rather than havin 2 buy pounds-n-pounds of paper -n- hand write em Ouch! Plus I write sloppy. Ouch!

Downside of "tablet" internet addiction (though it don't got the internet u get my drift I'm sure I don't want 2 b in bondage 2 electronic devices etc. Even now my TV off. Have 2 budget how much time I spend in front of it. Well ur most welcome 4 the advice/letters. It's the reason I was blessed w/the blog in the 1st place.

U Will Succeed I Believe In U

Merry X-mas
Happy New Year


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