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Date: 1/31/2019 7:03:04 AM
Subject: sunday share


so I b kicking it with god!

though I have an alarm clock sometimes I don't set it, prefer sometimes just 2 pray n ask god 4 a wake up call. did this 4 lunch yesterday. was dog tired from the night b4 after catching some tv sermons I finally managed to take a knap at like 8:30am. b4 I tucked in I prayed "god, im tired n desire to catch lunch. help me hear the sound of the trays comin 2 the hallway amen."
well 10:30am that's exactly what happened - heard some of my fellow constituents grabbing trays. so b it

this just in
move'n on...
pray the old territorial demonic spirits out. mind u spirits r contagious

god thank you 4 my support system
I am we

Date: 1/31/2019 7:09:11 AM
Subject: misc Monday


chunky snowflakes
overweight. I see
milkyness. elbows prayin
in season. reflecting. heavenly glistening
like. frozen. storming MC.BETH
lil Ms.
House of God
prayers we didn't pray
but. acted out
while the world
blanketed under

Date: 1/31/2019 7:17:09 AM
Subject: Tuesday tutelage

here's a thought;
take some time 2 spend sometime - doing nothing.
no tv no radio no internet no technology no phone no people no etc.
just solitude
not prayers
just sit
get ur head on straight
get ur witts about u
specially in the am b4 the busyness of the day
just listen
just hear
just breathe
just exhale
just live
just enjoy the much needed moment
of rest
watch what happens :)

mind u that some of our 4getfulness can b contributed 2 stress n busyness which makes us get alexa or some robot monkey etc.

spending time doing nothing don't gotta b super long, specially at 1st, seeing if u new 2 it it gone b awkward. 5 minutes a good starting point...

did it this morning n it was great. didn't do my daily brief reading or nothing just sat there till my door opened at 430, so I had a good 15 minutes 2 exist with no worries no sounds no stress no "I can't take this nemore" just a mental smile n thoughts of 2day gone b great. :)

mind u Seinfeld was a show bout nothin n look how well it did :)

Date: 2/2/2019 12:55:06 AM
Subject: thankful Thursday


thank you 4 sendin an angel 2 wake me up - again, this morning.
thank you 4 moving time n pat 2 open the 12 cans of apples 4 me
thank you 4 setting a guard over my mouth
thank you 4 tellin me 2 "stop purspursuing" the lady I was pursuing … u know best
thank u 4 helpin me with my love walk
thanks 4 tellin me WAIT
thanks for what you doing in richies legal situation n mines
thank u I was able 2 sleep in 2day
thank you 4 the new design ideas, some were lands end inspired
thank you 4 colors n pigments
thank you that the radio stations I prated 4 coming in crystal clear
thank you 4 a sentence mod, n confirmation of 20yrs n 6 months
thank you 4 baby's n the wisdom u deposited in them, the language, the sincerity, the joy 4 living, n the ability 2 fall n get back up
thank you I caught the now n the story of schools that teach coding 4 free n u give them 20% of your 1st years wages
thank you 4 ladonnas 4giveness
thank u 4 the $50 from ray
thanks 4 letting me know when 2 call as u knew when he'd b there
thanks 4 changes of scenery n changes of weather
thank u 4 courage 2 buy a decent pair of shoes
thank you 4 showing me that im guilty of being 'humbly proud' :(
thanks 4 words 2 say
thank u 4 u

Date: 2/2/2019 1:05:05 AM
Subject: I am we Wednesday

I am we

u hurt I hurt
I hurt u hurt
we hurt we hurt

sorry I didn't
value u all
I was unincarcerated

truly I was

thought loving u all
was bout
get'n $
n spoiling yall
n being there
2 verbally defend yall
physically if need b
I thought that was
what love was

truly im guilty of
loving u all
selfishly :(
viewed love from my perspective
not urs
it's like that when u selfish
n im guilty of being the most selfish
my doctor heart used 2 put people 1st
but when I got in the game as we call it
it required a "hard heart" so
I embraced it
in the name of
ghetto manhood
n bein a
was never comfortable
in this walk of life
I made the choice
emphasis on
I got fed up with bein picked on
4 bein
black n smart
as they coined
"actin white"
so sorry I gave in 2 peer pressure
4 give me
I am we

Date: 2/2/2019 1:57:05 AM
Subject: good Friday

I'm good cause
I prayed
god help me live better

then it was good
that god showed /is showing me how to pen a speech 4 the public speaking competition win, lose or
draw I won just by being in it :) god preparing me 4 something...

it's good that
2day I was reminded that
my faith in god
entitles me (us)
2 have an all access pass 2 god
his strength his presence his character his love his mercy, grace, wisdom, resources, guidance, gifts talents
listening ear house undivided attention etc
these truths can b located in
luke 15:31
psalm 24:!
psalm 27:10
psalm 37:25
luke 12:32

god also
taught me how 2 teach
how 2 use all that I am
2 my advantage

good that in my listening time
I was shown that I needed 2 4give
several b-ball opponents from last year
who I was bout 2 play tonight
even was able 2 4give them as we played
considering all bets is off when the ball games starts
they have no qualms bout put'n u in harms way just 2 win a game

good thing my identity is in Christ not b-ball
or winnin or lose'n ne kindof competition

good cause I never been happier 2 hear that it is 12 degrees outside...

Date: 2/3/2019 4:49:03 PM
Subject: still standing Saturday

as faith would have it
I'm still standing
cause I
just keep
going after
n being pleasing to him
in spite of
my inability
2 get it right
n everytime
it's what made david
a man after god's own heart
after felling he got back up
so I/WE have this
inherent spiritual ability 2
2 not stay down

so I write with no pens
draw with no paper
fly with no wings
live with no life
run with no feet
love with no heart
see with no eyes
pray with no hands
eat with no food
fish with no fishes
believe when it's no reason 2
cause i'm a prisoner of HOPE
so "they"
always remind me
"u in prison..."
everytime they heard me say




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