Feb. 19, 2019

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Date: 2/10/19 1:21:06 PM
Subject: thankful thursday

thankful that I can rest in god's love
that i played ball this morning and it was quite fun 4 the 1st time in years :) then i couldn't miss, even circus shots fell. couldn't help but smile and b like "god that had 2 b u!" left in awe of him no way i can make half court shots like that
that i decided 2 address an issue by usin the terms satan/emon/god/angels in order 2 spread spiritual wisdom
reminded only i can prevent forest fires (ie only i can step on the blessings god want 2 bless me with)
that i can see satan at me since i determined 2 vocalize that once im done with work im gone go harder after my life callin isaiah 49:1-7
that i decided 2 do more listening n less doing
that god told me i should b prayin 2 walk in love like i pray 2 b published
that no longer am i goin 2 help people hurt me
that i finished a chapter of homework
that the only way 2 get stuff done is 2 do it
i dropped outta college guild...
that im back strivin 2 have fun again
that my smile on the way back
that im slowin down
that I got courag 2 throw stuff away
found out bumper mean unusual abundance
covet mean u shouldn't even want 2
dont really care bout my name in lights much 2 the chagrin of my fellows who told me my name was on the board 4 ball accomplishment
that i have this opportunity

Date: 2/11/2019 8:35:08 AM
Subject: good friday

good because
i stood down at work as a coworker insulted me under his breath. called me a "lazy motha---------".
despite the fact that I planned on scrubbing the floor yesterday n as i was bout 2 do it he said he wanted to do it tomorrow so he'd have something to do. next time im gone stay n do it, no harm in it bein scrubbed twice!

good becuse
i only got 2 more fridays in the kitchen
(4 at the most)

good because
had kept getting a book title in my heart
n kept trin 2 write it
but no peace
well 2day at the library i seen a book
history of great speeches
thats it
a collection of
motivational speeches
when the time comes

good because
thought i might be offered my old job
30 seconds later
my old roommate
literally said
"man u was in my dream
in it u were the special need worker
n they moved u back over here."

good because
god up 2 something

good because
some one let me see a book
the law 4 writers
which is about
learning how to succeed in every area affecting the business of being a writer
god is calling me 2 b a full time writer
n amen
he teachin me the legal side of the craft

good because
i winged a speech at the public speaking course
n it went over well
people liked the message
clean ur glasses
our hearts have glasses!

good because
no more failing me

good because
i am we

Date: 2/12/2019 7:27:06 AM
Subject: still standing saturday

still abiding best i know how
growing spiritually in the point of love
which definitely takes courage n the upmost of determining
being after god in here qualify s u 4 more trials n test
as most will seek 2 use u 4 material things
mainly food
long as u say "i got u. here go some soup (ramens) crackers meat cheese etc"
u the best christian since jesus
but the moment u set boundaries that include the word NO
then u a "jail house christian"

determined 2 have my god-given life
i have 2 deal with alotta stuff
respond how im aware jesus did
dont always get it right but
still standing

speaking of which
i can stand as god continues to teach me
like yesterday he taught me from
genesis 5:3
how because my daughter made in my image
(does that make sense?)
same thing with my (future) wife!?

able 2 stand as lately
there's been divine encouragement 2
b the best me
especially on the basketball court
where i tend 2 shy away from playin hard as i can on offence
during competition The season
so as not 2 argue with teammates who also want the ball
yet r less capable scorers
bu now 7m sensin i have 2 step up 2 the plate cause im gifted 2


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