March 3, 2019

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Date: 2/18/2019 9:13:04 PM
Subject: sunday share

oh man

quite tired on 2day
maybe cause I played basketball on an empty stomach
not a fan of these meatballs,
maybe tired cause of my attitude!
went 2 rec without being prayed up
not even quite sure if I was supposed to be there
just didn't have the drive or the joy 2 compete
then a new guy who's consistently my opponent
i can tell has his identity in the outcome of the game
he seems 2 always know the score
n has the innate ability 2 make one up
that always puts his team up
i've also noticed that everytime i shoot the ball he has something discourages 2 say
cause he remains silent when all my other teammates shoot.
maybe it's my fault.
ever seen someone n knew
"we not gone get along"?

i don't know

wonder if i'll get mail tomorrow
n from whom?
ooops it's presidents day
maybe they'll pass out the mail from saturday

maybe i'll get a letter from my daughter :)

that's all i got

might catch a lil bit of these
trumpet awards
it's off to the races


Date: 2/18/2019 9:53:06 PM
Subject: misc monday

2day was super great!

started at 6:58am
i chose 2 walk in wisdom n avoid a temptation
wound up talkin 2 a brother in christ bout
my wantin 2 not b here BUT
my trusting god is still in control
n not madison or someone else
i then mentioned a bible story
n how it's a lesson in patience n what happens when we impatient
the brother then responded
"u don't know maybe god got u here (not minimum) so u can bypass all that n GO HOME"

that's just like god 2 allow u 2 through some hardship so he can get more glory
n do a bigger miracle in ur life
the proof of this can b found in john 11 n the story of lazarus

later at 240pm i went 2 what they call open chapel
had my heart set on listening to music
but god had a divine interruption planned
helped a friend find a book
which lead to god leadin me 2 a book
as i flip'd the book open it went 2 pg 311
where i spotted "20yrs"
then it was on
come 2 find out the guy david did 20yrs in prison
(remember me sayin i'm believin god im gone do 20yrs?)
n dig the what r the odds?
his release date
SEPTEMBER 12, 2008
well i got arrested on SEPTEMBER 12, 1997

god tryin 2 tell me something

i'm listening


Date: 2/21/2019 12:47:10 PM
Subject: i am we wednesday

i love u priska

soon n very soon
i'll be able 2 bless u with my presence
can feel it in my spirit

so 2day i got blessed
with that new shoe feeling
though i didnt try 1 on
well till like 5 hours later tried on the right one
even so my heart holds on 2 those without shoes
or ones that r literally falling off they feet...
did mess up
see god gave me a dream 2 donate my white shoes
which i was already 2 do
but then i thought
"they don't take donations"
not wantin 2 spend $5 on sendin out the shoes i took
my nikes that r black n turned the in
jokingly saying "i want 2 donate these"
"sure throw em in da box"
my heart broke an i wanted 2 run n get my white shoes as i placed the other 1's in the box
immediately i was like "can i donate some more?"
was told i could
so now my white shoes gone get scrubbed n donated

this is our heart

Date: 2/21/2019 12:47:10 PM
Subject: this tuesday

2day was 2day
got a letter from a friend
happy i can use that word
he wished me home
n spoke prophetically
of MARCH 27
as well as called dibs on being the best man at my wedding
fine by me
i just gottta let god find her
if that's his will 4 my life

also heard from a "spirual daughter"

im blessed

Date: 2/22/2019 4:39:09 PM
Subject: thankful thursday

i'm thank ful that
4 the 1st ever i signed a paper
sayin my 2yrs on the job was up
made my day at like
when i seen under reason
"murphy leaving institution"
soon n very soon
thankful that tomorrow my last daday in da kitchen
gone try 2 work fast as possible 2 get outta there asap
so i can shower n turn in my "kitchen whites"

thankful that im getting back 2 normal as i understand it
ie my god-given self
send ur refreshing lord

i got confirmation on a book title
time 2 sleep in n write

i am thankful

i am we

Date: 2/22/2019 11:55:09 PM
Subject: good friday

what a good friday it is :)
finished my last day at work
got up at 3:35am just 2 prepare
knew it might be a long day
had planned 2 stay in scrub da floor
jus 2 avoid "car poolin"
-long story-
ne after helpin make blue berry coffee cake
n corn bread i wound up stayin
but not 2 scrub the floor but
2 help a friend unload inventory
the freeze rs no joke
had 2 keep leavin 2 warmmy hands up
under hot water
n blow my nose
by 10;40am
we were finally done n i headed back2 my "car"

after a shower
#1 4 the day
i couldn't help but pray
thank god i didn't get a extension
n take a nap
set the alarm 4 1pm
so i could follow a desire that was in my heart
2 visit a friend on the yard
which i did 4 a hot second
than wound up talkin 2 someone else

next it was 2 a pastoral visit
went pretty well as deacon dennis
a great listener
try not to talk his ear off outta respect
getting better at it

3pm i got a chance to pay it 4ward
by bein a listening ear
im learnin

played ball at 530
only lasted 2 550
by that time we were down
yeah we the bad news bears

well canteen mishap
means ill b get'n at u the old fashion route 4 a while

i am we

Date: 2/28/2019 12:53:14 PM
Subject: i am we wednesday

mrs. priska

fresh from god here's the messag i heard
on february 25, 2019 at approximately 9pm

is goin 2 have a ministry that's
reminiscent of joyce meyers
hers will reach
the fatherless
especially MY peecious dauhters
who have a father in jail/prison"

n this just in
february 27, 2019

will teach these precious children
that I (god)
set the fatherless in families in accordance
with my divine promises
of Psalm 68;5,6"

love u n miss u

gotta see u soon


i am we
love dad

Date: 3/3/2019 7:01:02 AM
Subject: still saturday

serving me

what else?

doing some designs
skipping rec was worth it :)
1 design turned into a nother
like the finished product
just a slick mid top adidas
wrapped in a flag
nothing new under the sun!
cept how i cut the silohouette
maybe it'll help me get my foot into
the front office of
not lookin 4 full time employment
cause im computer illiterate
n still playing catch up
so i draw the old fashion way
hopefully that's good enuff 2 sell
some designs as a sketch artist
2 various shoe comp/fashion houses
maybe even got some logos they want

i gottta eat some how
n im not even a big eater :)
just have 2
seeing bein employed
gone b part of being paroled
racine got the worst unemployment rate in wisconsin
n im releasing there...
take my ingenuity n creativeness
n hustle like i used 2
see ive made jobs b4
like selling candy in school
like sellin crayfish 2 fishermen
like cutting grass
shoveling snow, etc
even used2 collect stuff
hoping 2 make it rich
(owe my mama a house
my daughter 2)

so somethin will give
n i'll help it by hone'n my god-given talents


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