March 22, 2019

Proof Of God's Love 4 Me

From Lessons Learned by Antoine Murphy (author's profile)



Proof of God's LOVE 4 Me

1. Jesus died for me personally
2. Jesus allowed me to experience him dying for me in my person and private life. Like Gomez not blowin' my brains out in July of '97
3. My gettin' a job at KFC, Main Gallery, Denny's, Ranch Video, telemarketing, Hardee's, Good Will industries
4. Every prison job I've had has been hand delivered to me :)
5. His protection
6. His guidance
7. His truthfulness
8. His loving discipline
9. His spiritual healing was granted me. Amen
10. He found me
11. He called and gifted me to teach His Word
12. All my needs I met
13. He's answered every one of my prayers (the fact that my flesh didn't like the answer is irreverent)
14. The parents He had me come from
15. He used my being in a foster home to get me to church so His Word could get implanted in my soul
16. No STD's. I deserve 'em all
17. He entrusted me with Prisha (I don't deserve to be her father)
18. His forgiveness of my countless sins
19. His tellin' me I'm gone do 20 years (of 75)
20. He's kept His Word to me though I haven't kept my word to Him :(
21. His faithfulness to wake me up at 5 AM so I can spend time with Him
22. His wakin' me up at 2:30, 4 AM so I could go to work in the kitchen. I didn't have an alarm clock
23. His delivering me from trust in man
24. His 37 years of patience with me
25. Our still bein' on speaking terms (even when I'm sleepin' on the couch)
26. His leadership
27. He saved me
28. His home cooked meals. :) The Word of God. He's prepared for me
29. Everything I needed for survival was here before I was (what a father) >((
30. The ministry He's entrusted me with
31. He gives me some of my wants
32. He's changed my perspective from temporary to eternal
33. He's my constant source of encouragement
34. He's given me His precious Holy Spirit
35. He brings things to my remembrance
36. He visited me in prison—physically and spiritually
37. He keeps me blessed and has even blessed my socks off :)
38. His kindness
39. His compassion
40. The books His son and daughters have written with me in mind
41. The talents and gifts He bestowed upon me
42. He blessed me with a hand on my shoulders
43. He's given me all things that pertain to life and Godliness
44. He answers my questions :)
45. Resurrected my spirit
46. He Word, which is ever truthful, says so
47. He chose me
48. He called me
49. He predestined me to be like Christ
50. He sent me
51. He sent Juan Jaque, Henrietta, Uncle George, Sam to save me from a life of sin
52. He didn't let me die in my mess
53. He punished me less than my sins deserve
54. He promised me a new heart (to love Him back)
55. I'm His son
56. He's my Dad
57. He teaches and instructs me for my soul's sake
58. He loved me
59. He hasn't left me nor forsaken me
60. His covenant with me is life and peace
61. He blesses me with personal perplexities—heads up
62. He surprises me with flowers, glasses, friendships, cakes, cards, letters, clothes, shoes, etc. :) Dictionaries, publishers
63. He opens doors for me that no man can shut
64. He helps me do things
65. He allows me to help Him do things
66. His daily provisions afforded me


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