April 2, 2019

Daily posts 3/21 to 3/29

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Date: 3/21/2019 7:05:33 AM
Subject: I am we Wednesday

dearest Priska

how r u?

hurts 2 not hear from u or know ur whereabouts but I understand

just seen some words n pictures that reminded me of u. they both were on the cover of the Milwaukee community journal n were in reference 2 the 16th annual DADDY DAUGHTER DANCE held in a high school in Milwaukee :) they had pics of dads with their daughters along with quotes bout y they brought their daughters there. the 4-5 dads quoted all said something 2 the effect of ensuring their daughters know how men r supposed 2 treat them. I second that/amen

well precious daughter I would like 2 take u on A date 2 said dance - provided it's not sold out - n I can find my way there (wonder if racine got one?). so what say u?

meanwhile I want 2 encourage u 2 write down/hold in ur heart things u would like 2 do/places u would like 2 go with dad. then god-willin I will do everything 2 make each n every one of those dreams come tru. sure somethings on our individual list will be identical :) like going 4 a run, going shopping, seein a movie, goin 2 a cowboys game, takin professional pictures together in matchin outfits or what have u like I am we t's :)

I am we
love dad

Date: 3/29/2019 12:23:33 AM
Subject: i am we wednesday

here I am
all smiles, tho feeling light headed, played ball on empty stomach left me clutching my heart n stooping down 4 gasps of air, wind, oxygen n all of the above whew. still rebounding from the whole ordeal. wonderin if my heart murmur acting up, lord knows it's subject 2 get worse at a moments notice. might have 2 get it looked at again. but quite sure my windedness n dizziness from not eatin/takin 3 sips of water in the last 3 days. ate 3 pumpkin muffins hour b4 rec but they did nothin 2 provided energy. truly my trouble started with my disobedience 2 the holy spirit, heard several whisper "go 2 library" but my flesh convinced me 2 listen 2 the screams of "go 2 rec" so i gotta get on my knees n confess my sinful shortcoming

the blessing of 2day is jesus blessed me with a much needed revelation bout myself n y i been so off kilter 4 months
long story short i was told that i am guilty of not trusting jesus with all my heart as commanded in proverbs 3;5-6
see i wanted 2 go 2 minimum so bad cause human logic told me - if im not as minimum makin $$$ then no way they gone consider release me in july. hence the anxiety cause heard rumors of another not get'n release cause he was still in rgci when parole came
after god showed me this shortcoming
i confessed
JOB 42;2

Date: 3/29/2019 1:23:35 AM
Subject: thankful thursday

im thankful that im back :)
thankful that my heavenly father woke me up this mornin
thankful that he whispered 2 me in prayer time
1st samuel 26;25
even better he expounded on his meaning of greatness
let me explain
i shall do GREAT things as it relates 2 his definition of GREATNESS
see luke 22:27
"whosoever shall b GREAT among u shall b ur SERVANT"
so thankful that there it is
i shall do SERVANT HOOD THINGS amen
thankful i can do "GREAT THINGS" by teaching
by designin
by drawin
by listenin
by loving
by fathering
by employing
by laughing
by writin books, plays, movies, poems, quotes, ads, slogans, songs...
by 4giving
by tithe'n/donatin time, $$$, stuff
by volunteering
by baking
by washing dishes, doin n folding laundry...
by smiling :)
by acknowledging someones presence
by saying, THANK U


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