April 14, 2019

i am we wednesday, 4/4 and 4/11

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Date: 4/4/2019 2:05:41 AM
Subject: i am we wednesday

hey precious priska

how r u?

im great 4 the most part, just been in tears lately. heavily missin u n begging jesus 2 restore us so i can fully fulfill my responsibility as ur father. amen. meanwhile thankful 2 jesus 4 the dreams he blessed me with of me n u kickin it, in em u r so lil n so precious n innocent n happy n smiley. :) in these dreams i get 2 throw u up in the air n catch u, u get 2 sleep on my chest, i get 2 chase u around, i get 2 feed u, hold u hug u kiss u hold ur hand. Answer ur questions listen 2 u talk bout ur day in kindergarten etc... take u places, protect u from monsters under ur bed, tuck u in with a good night kiss n bed time story...

back in reality im growing n learnin. Tryin 2 find a book on desgn/design theory so i can b better equipped 2 design shoes n products. they got a book at the library bout design n engineering guess im gone have 2 read it all. all knowledge is spendable currency... did sign up 4 a correspondence course about design but its geared towards landscaping, either way least ill learn some design principles as one of the books deal with the history of design.

well i have 2 finish a package i want 2 get in the mail so, ill talk 2 u soon

love dad
i am we

Date: 4/11/2019 1:07:33 AM
Subject: i am we wednesday

hey family

how r u?

im great just dealin with it... xcited cause as of late several people have been given a PAROLE GRANT (I E GRANTED RELEASE) 11 people that ive heard of so far. 1 of em from here, who i know as personally as u can in this place. i thank god 4 his release, man it's been 30 plus years of prison 4 him which'll all b over on may 7, 2019.

my day is comin... lord knows... i just keep get'n prepared best way i know how. Read study write pray relax go 2 the library watch ted talks go 2 assembly draw/learn 2 design, try 2 find potential employment, try 2 wrap my mind round freedom by talkin 2 those who've experienced get'n released... also exercising 4 the most part get'n in the habit of stretching b4 i go 2 sleep well i also read a book at night as well 2 help the sleep process...

other than that super anxiety bout how 2 reconcile with my daughter. realizin it has 2 b on her terms not mine. amen.


other than that nothin new goin on, got denied a job, but i didnt qualify for it so its all good
god got something better in store 4 me

here's 2 promises kept

i am we

somebody pray 4 rome 2 meet his daughters


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