April 28, 2019

Daily posts 4/18/2019 to 4/26/2019

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Date: 4/18/2019 9:48:02 AM
Subject: i am we wednesday

happy birthday 2 MALAIKA
u have a special heart

happy birthday 2 KIANNA
u will succeed
(we all love n adore u n miss u)

happy birthday ALISSA
continue 2 grow as a woman, as a person, as an ALISSA :)
there's a law firm with ur name on it
even if u have 2 birth it
miss u
got u a b-day party at DQ one of these days
oh yeah happy easter as well
what a day
2 celebrations in 1

HAPPY RESURRECTION SUNDAY 2 the rest of the family as well
i'm excited since easter also marks 4yrs since i had the revelatory dream of my doin "20yrs" amen. im closer 2 release than i was back then.
oh yeah might b a minute b4 i physically write, didn't get the 10 envelopes i ordered. cant order more till the 19th then we dont get em till the 30th, takes that long 2 get here from st louis

neway enjoy life.
enjoy JESUS Company


Date: 4/25/2019 12:09:48 AM
Subject: i am we wednesday

greetings loved ones

2day i woke up with a burst of energy! it had 2 b THE GREAT I AM, so i prayerfully thanked him n then got ready 4 breakfast, which included stretching; normally do it at night but read an article that said do it in the mornin just 2 get the blood flowin. it worked

last night i spoke with my mom n it was exciting 2 hear my nephew say "hey uncle antoine" he was so full of life n vibrancy, typical of 7yr old.
i miss bein 7

where will i live upon release?

miss my smile
read psalm 100. verse 4 encouraged me 2 start my day with thankfulness. need 2 get my smile back, overcome the hot bitterness that seeped into my spirit from the osmosis of this ungrateful environment. great i am help me get back 2 gratefulness, it definitely look good on me :)

praise i am i got blessed with an eastbay 2day. my heavenly father definitely encouraging me as a designer. so b it

can't sing praises n worry at the same time

well 1 thing i haven't done yet is get organized! maybe i'll do it 2night.

upper room; pray 4 hymn writers i write music

Date: 4/26/2019 11:35:52 PM
Subject: good friday

ok im back 4 the most part

hate i keep makin even minor mistakes. yeah im hard on myself like that. no one was there 2 push me so i had 2 do it myself... this self sufficiency is what often causes rebellion in my relationship with GOD. i keeping tryin 2 do everything on my own only 2 fall flat on my face, exhausted, weary etc. only 2 then look up when that's what i should have done from jump. surrendering 2 god - that's the hardest part.

so its a good friday cause i recognize more of what motivates me 2 act like i do, respond how i do, etc... the gift of self awareness has me being more n more honest with myself; with my creator

good friday cause at 8:13am god whispered "embrace grace"
his way of telling me "write. stop runnin around just do what i called u 2 do, no more no less" ... "talk 2 him bout my hang ups, worries fears celebration etc"

good friday cause i started the day with praise by listenin 2 gospel music early in the am instead of watchin the news. heard a few songs i really admire

good friday cause god is faithful in all seasons of my life
sadly im not. ouch! sinned 5 times that im aware of

good friday cause i made the cut 4 the reentry simulation event thats on tuesday. prayin deacon dennis reschedules our visit 2 wednesday

good friday cause i talk 2 my lil sister the 1st time in 4yrs :) felt good 2 encourage her n tell her i love her


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