May 26, 2019

i am we wednesday

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Date: 5/16/2019 3:59:34 AM
Subject: I am We Wednesday

Hey everybody

Priska especially

I'm great realizing that God's greatness lies inside me and that it's for me to tap into it. Reading a good book PREVAIL by CINDY TRIM that's life changing/encouraging/motivating... about taking your problems captive and making the most of whatever life throw at you. I feel that promise prison the best (and the worst) thing to happen to me. Not that it made me but sitting in a cell 23 hours a day was the fuel that lit the fire that was always inside me since day 1. Feel me? Always been entrepreneurial just I didn't stick with it and wound up selling the wrong types of things. Nuff said. But now! I am about to take that business oriented DNA and use it to start a T-shirt/novelty company that's mission is to positively impact my community and those around me. Plus I still write books and even got some intellectual property that may be of value to the human race.

Well, parole hearing number 4 is like 60 days away.
Always praying to go home. Gone ask for a 6-month grant (ie to be released after doing 6 more months).
God will tell in his most beautiful time.

Daughter, whatever you going through I want you to know...
Your problems are important to me

Love you God bless
I am we
Love dad

Date: 5/23/2019 1:31:37 AM
Subject: I am We Wednesday

May Jesus love continue to find you and wrap you in life and light. So be it. So it is
I love you
How are you?
Is everything OK?
Anything I can help you with? My $ ain't where it should be cause of my being jobless BUT I'm sure that I'm able to help you in other ways. Just let me know...

Well, Jesus been blessing me to talk to friends and family. Just last Friday I spoke with my BFF. Had been 2 years since we spoke by phone. Talking to her brought a smile to my face and joy to heart. Great to conversation with someone who know/knew me before the accident. And she always keeps me encouraged and inspired. Course our conversation flowed like we never lost contact. Was great to hear someone say and mean "I love you" been years since my heart has heard it.

What else is new? Learning more about myself... like what leads to discouragement on my end. As well as how I'm guilty of putting the cart before the horse. Kept looking for publishers but what's the point when the book ain't even written. Foolish me... but God will help me conquer my pride and ego in that area of my life. So be it. Now I'm slowly but surely writing a booklet that will be freely available at some point and will encourage others to "keep the faith" and actually show em how.

I love you
I am we
Love dad


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