Aug. 27, 2019

Can You Remember Your Dreams?

by Douglas Blaine Matthews (author's profile)



Dear Reader,
Hey. I hope you're doing well!

Do you dream? Can you remember your dreams? I dream. I have lots of daydreams. I enjoy stepping out of my reality and being the author of another.

In them, I pay close attention to the things I took for granted when I was free. The different smells in a restaurant, the way the terrain changes under my foot, the pleasure of a cool breeze on a hot day... Even if it's on the beach and it picks up the sand. It sticks to me, and I look away so not to get in my eyes. Then I stroll down to the cool water and submerge my entire body, freeing myself of those pesky grains. Or walking into a grocery store and deciding what isle I'll browse first. So many different flavors and foods to choose between. If I were set free right now, I swear I'd gain 20 pounds easy! Ha ha! :P

Anyway, I dream too. But the best dream of all happens to be the worst one too. But in a heartbeat, I'd choose to have it roll through my body every night. It's that dream that completely takes over me. I feel every pain and every pleasure. I am asleep, but my body and mind responds as if this state in my dreams is my reality.

And when I awake, I am there where I was in my dream. But wait? I am not. I'm lying here on a mattress with a lump in it, in a small concrete and steel cell with a death sentence... Realization begins slowly and then suddenly, like a bomb blowing to pieces a large dam and torrential waves destroy the small towns below, reality devours me.

The pain is deep. In a place I cannot name. In a place I cannot willingly go to. But it is there to catch me when I slip and torment me with its darkness.

And then the things I'm thankful for begin to patch up that dam. Drain the waters into the ground and clear the skies of all clouds so that the sun can dry up the remaining water. And with a stable dam I find my peace again.

Do you dream? Can you remember your dreams?

Until next time.

Yours truly,


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dorothymarie Posted 2 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 2 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
Hello Doug!

I do dream on occasion. My most recent was really weird in fact. My childhood best friend was in it. She passed away several years ago in a car accident. Perhaps it was her way of visiting me? It does seem like whenever I do dream, usually someone that has already passed is part of it. I even have nightmares on occasion. I don’t like to remember those! Thankfully I don’t have too many of those. I think it’s good you can dream and step out of your reality. Solitary confinement has to be awful. I watch a lot of prison shows. Can’t be sure how true to life they are as I’ve never been in prison. I do have friends in prison though. I’ve heard that over 15 days is considered torture...maybe not here in America though. They say it’s supposed to help, however so much time usually causes a lot of anxiety...would you agree?

My name is Dorothy and I’m from MI.

tenzintenzin Posted 2 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 2 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
Hello Doug
Another book I would recommend is Carl Jung Red Book. He was a very infamous psychologist, and put great store by dreams. He meticulously wrote out every dream he had each night, as soon as he had woke from them. The mind is an 8ncredible piece of software, and isn’t constrained by walls. Some people ‘out’ in the world are more inhibited than a person in the most locked down of gaols. Are you much of a reader.

Douglas Blaine Matthews Posted 2 years, 1 month ago.   Favorite
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