Nov. 27, 2019
by Douglas Blaine Matthews (author's profile)
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Dear Reader.......9/22/19
(Sept. 29, 2019)


Dear Tenzin, Reply ID;4w2e 11-14-19
Hey! It's great to Hear from you ans thank you for responding to my email your response regarding blogging is very helpful. It's funny as I just sent out a blog last week with a recipe in it I got out of a Rachel Ray cooking magazine. Of course I haven't tasted it but it looks so good I wanted to share it. I hope someone tries it and lets me know how it tastes. I use to do a lot of cooking. But that was back when I sold artwork. I got in trouble for it. Death row prisoners in Florida aren't allowed to have a Job or run a business. They told me selling my artwork was running a business. And if I continued I'd receive a D/R (Disciplinary Report) and my account would be frozen pending an investigation. So I haven't been drawing for an income in many years. I use to donate artwork in hopes it would lead to a profitable relationship with illustrators or organizations but soon learned it would not. I had a few organizations solicit artwork from me and after I followed their rules I sent in multiple pieces of art and poetry. And then later, for example, S>O>S> art in Cincinnati,Ohio, sent me a letter informing me of new regulations for size artwork I sent in artwork on a 9 inch X 12 inch parchment /paper. That was too big. So mine was disqualified to be a part of their book. I wrote them and asked them for it back. My plan was to send them more art within regulation. But they never sent my artwork back to me or responded to my letter I feel like I was hustled.... Imagine how many prisoners sent in art that they spent their time and passion on only to be told.... oops? Those who were chosen were put into a book called "Voices Of Death Row" It was my hope to have been a part of it. Now I wonder if it was even published....Anyway... I've done a bit of rambling.I hope you don't mind. I don't have internet access either. I do have email capability but that's through J Pay. They have an email program that we on the row thought we'd never see. I can send and receive emails and pictures on my tablet. Pretty cool huh? Instead of taking weeks to communicate emails only take a day on average. And its cheaper. Always a plus.HA! The Rodney Reed Case... Ive been paying very close attention to that! I watched what Dr.Phil had to say about it. And if "Dr.Phil" , a hardcore pro death advocate, is bringing awareness to him then somethings up. I hope he gets a stay and has his day. It's insane a judge hasnt ordered one already. I'll ask my attorneys where my case can be downloaded from for free or forward if you like?? I like your opinion on music collaboration are artist being lazy in my opinion. My favorite era for rap and R&B are the 80's & 90's. WU Tang YES! Busta----everyone you listend but i have to add 2Pac, Bone Thugs - N- Harmony, Jadakiss, NAS, Goodie MOB, too short, Boys2men, jodeci, 112, DRV HIll... Im also eclectic. I love also NU metal such as Korn, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, Linkin Park, Mudvanyne.... Alternative and Country have a part of me as well but not 9as much as the first 3. Don't get me started on Jay Z. After reasonable doubt 1&2 he lost me. His passion became the business side of the music industry. I know Tekashi 69 is from seeing whats going on with him on TMZ. I havent heard any of his music. I'll see if someone else has him & check it out. I think he won't make it far. If the people he's snitching on are worthy of the FBI's attention and as vocal as 69 has been, I think he'll be killed. And the FBI probably wont even care. They have to be pissed the way he's in the public eye and all . We'll see how it turns out huh. Yes, I've seen dogs dreaming very activly. I see videos on TBD like that often. I think dreams serve a purpose. If not intended then unintended but definitely a training program of sorts. I hope there's a secret there that will be unlocked one day. And dreams will become a nocturnal medicine to heal minds tortured with depression and other mental illnesses.... If I happens-- I said it first! HA! You say your an older person , (arthritic hips and back) but while your writing & understanding speaks loudly in wisdom. I feel though your heart & energy are quite young and fulll of life. Do you like to travel? Ive held you up long enough... I hope I'll get to hear from you again soon! Take care!

Yours Truly

*The recipe is for curried beef and red lentil soup.


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Nesikins87 Posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 7 months ago   Favorite
Happy thanksgiving hope they treat you well in there

Douglas Blaine Matthews Posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago.   Favorite
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