Jan. 24, 2020

Saudi citizens, not Iranian on 9/11

by William D. Linley (David) (author's profile)


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Subject: Saudi citizens, not Iranian on 9/11


My earlier em was focused on Iranian actions in the Middle East, especially with Hezbollah that is that is direct threat to Israel, and was specifically one of our attackers in Beirut and has used Iraq as their training ground to kill Americans. I was mistaken by claiming Iranians flew the planes on 9/11, when a majority of the terrorists were Saudi's. Too many years...I am getting old.

The fact remains that Iran has slowly escalated WWIII for decades. We are in for a rude awakening and I am sad at the waffling of the current Presidential candidates. Appeasing those in the Middle East will not make the USA safer. This is a course that began long ago. It just required an inexperienced President to trigger an escalation. It's a miracle it hasn't happened sooner.

We, US and Allies, need to pull out of the Middle East completely. We screwed this up. It was evident this last week that Iran runs Iraq now. The Iraqi people have had more than a decade to ge it right and they prefer tyrants. Iran, Russia and Syria are in control and further troops in country will only draw us into more stalemate.

All the good, freedom loving Iaqi's and Syrian's were killed off in the last 5-years. Our weak, wishy washy politics has failed the people of the Middle East.

Pull out of the Middle East. Let them kill each other. Create a buffer around Israel and be ready to Nuke the hordes of Russians, Arabs, Persians that will attack Israel. It may be 3 years, or 5 years, maybe 10 years if we're fortunate. This is all spelled out in the bible.

Pray hard, train harder...a big fight is coming.

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Subject: Life & Peace (hftr)

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Thank you for your thoughtful words and sharing your sadness. The more we love, the more it hurts when special people in our lives go home. But it is also the beauty of life - to love one another. I'm sad with you that your husband has passed away...

I find great encouragement in the Book of Psalms, from the Bible:

"Evening and morning and at noon, I will complain and murmur, and He will hear my voice. He will redeem my soul in peace from the battle which is against me." Psalm 55:17, 18

I believe that only a loving God, who understands human suffering can give true peace in times of battle, such as sadness, or daily prison life. I do not think I could have endured 14-years of prison and maintained sanity, love or peace if not for Gods presence everyday, who I have known for 25-years... (Ephesians 2 and John 1 explain it well) but I imagine you know this already. In him, David


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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