Feb. 8, 2020

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tenzintenzin Posted 1 week, 2 days ago.   Favorite
Hello Antoine
One of the benefits, health wise of your ‘gated community’, in fact many areas where people are confined is, after a while your body builds up extra immunity. Because bacteria can travel, mainly through hands and when we touch the lining of our noses or other orifices. After a while our systems start to fight and expect a fight. So a flu germ that might hit you outside would fail because you have spent years double fighting off these things.
Japan has the right idea. In Japan it is illegal to leave your house without wearing a face mask when you have a cold. I avoid touching handles and handrails when I am in London or somewhere people heavy. It’s your hands really that are the problem.
The phone thing, yep definately a problem. Make a home spun sanitiser if you can’t get one in the commissary. Saline, hot water melt salt in it. Let it cool down. Better still anything with some alcohol deodorant or after shave. If you can get into the kitchen, the spice turmeric, it’s orange. Mix in hot water, let it cool, great wound cleaner, and will kill off topical bacteria. Put a plastic bag over the phone receiver and leave it open where you talk and hear. I would have thought sanitizer would be available there in some form.
Some people have trouble with kindness. To some people it is a character flaw. Small unseen acts work better. Like you said, showing them God is at work.
Soon be spring, flu season will be gone. Got to get your head into the parole mindset. Need you outside. Your done being an inmate. Going to be an out mate!
All the best to you and those you love.

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