March 12, 2020

Liber XXVI

From While I Breath, I Hope. by David E. Bauguess


Liber XXVI of Rosa Coeli

1) How I now sit all alone,
the city within my chest was once full of
How I now sit all alone
with my heart telling me I
should be dead!

2) How I who was a princess
among the cities of others
had been put to the side
without regard or even

3) He had came
under affliction and cruel
He had dwelled among the
blood-shed and violence.
He had found no resting place
until he came to the city of Rosa Coeli

1) The roads to Rosa Coeli were
mourning, because no one has ever
came here before
All her gates are desolate
her beating heart slow
her breath, full of sighing
Bitter anguish, darkness, deceit
And lies!

2)In the days of loneliness
she has known nothing but
darkness, shadows
And lies, lies, lies!

3)I myself groan and
turn my head in shame
for my city, my soul
was filth.

4) You, the one who was brave enough
to enter my heart, my mind,
my darkness.
You have laid a hand on all
my treasures
And they are all yours
to claim
if you so choose.

5)These gemstones and things of gold,
these pieces of silver and glittering coins,
are worthless if we do not remember,

6)We are love's most precious jewel!

1) You have restored me
gave me life!
Purpose! Reason!
O my Beloved Perdurabo II
You have gifted me with love!
with meaning!

2)Look! Your love for me
has preserved me, served me
from self-destruction
You have pulled up the fallen bricks of
my citie's walls
You have replaced my broken gates
You have became my cities god.

3) You have defeated my loneliness
And with you I'll never be alone
I'll always be a Queen
No longer aprincess yes, but
a Queen I am

4) Truth, joy, happiness
These are the things that now
live in rosa Coeli
Love, peace, and faithfulness

5)I am forever his goddess
6)He, my one and only god

I love; for you first loved me,
There is, nor ever will be, a love greater than yours.

** Given unto me within a dream by a baby with all purple robes, wings, and even eyes coln, she gaave me a single lilac rose and touched my heart and there under came.

Canietta Nicole Donoch -wei Bauguess


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