March 22, 2020

Proverbial Determination, Chapters 2 to 14

From Lessons Learned by Antoine Murphy (author's profile)


Date: 3/10/2020 11:23:30 PM
Subject: Proverbial Determination
Chapter 2
I will receive the Heavenly Father's loving words n hide His commandments within me I will incline my ears 2 listen 2 divine wisdom n also apply my heart 2 understanding the things of God I will then understand the fear of the LORD n even find the knowledge of this Holy God I know the LORD blesses us with wisdom, cause out of his mouth flows divine knowledge n understanding God has sound wisdom laid up 4 me as I strive 2 walk in righteousness As I walk uprightly He will ever be my shield of protection, spiritually I know God will keep me on the straight n narrow path n continue 2 preserve my desire 2 serve Him I understand righteousness n judgement n freedom from bias
Wisdom will enter my heart n I find spiritual Knowledge 2 be most pleasant unto my soul Discretion will preserve me 4 all eternity While understanding continues 2 keep me Walking in divine wisdom has delivered me from satanic men n their demonic speech.
Eternal understanding of the Most High has kept me from treading in black paths of darkness along side those who rejoice continuously as they continue 2 engage in demonic behavior God's wisdom has kept me from falling victim 2 ungodly women who are always striving 2 flatter me with sexualized words n mannerisms I can not follow her,cause her house leads 2 eternal dust n ashes I AM striving 4 eternal life, 2 carry myself in God's righteousness, that I may dwell in the presence of God's presence So be it.
Date: 3/12/2020 11:19:32 PM Subject: Proverbial Determination
Chapter 3
I will not forget the law of my Heavenly Father, but I will allow my heart that wants 2 be holy 2 hold tightly 2 His commandments I will live a long n peaceful life I will not let mercy n truth forsake me I will tie them around my neck I will pen mercy n truth inside the tablet of my heart Then I will find favor n good understanding in God's eyes n men's
I will trust God with all my heart because trusting me, myself n I gets me nowhere In all that I do I will acknowledge Him as God, in turn He will let me know what path 2 take I will not be "2 smart 4 my own good I will fear the LORD n avoid evil This is health 2 my spiritual well-being I will honour the LORD with the riches He's blessed me with I know that I will reap what I've sown because God's faithfulness 2 His promise 2" open the windows of heaven n pour me out a blessing where I won't have room enough 2 receive it. (Malachi 3:10)
As a child of God, I will not despise the chastening of the LORD or be weary of His corrective measures I know that He is correcting me out of love;same way my parents did
I will be happiest when I find wisdom n when I get understanding I know the eternal profits of wisdom n discretion are a million times better than anything monkey can buy God tells me "" wisdom is more precious than diamonds n gold"" N that " billions of dollars can't be compared 2 her I know possessing Godly wisdom will lengthen my life n bless me with riches n honour I know " her " narrow roads are filled with divine grace
* her"" paths are paths of peace Wisdom is the tree of life I eat from 2 I know that it was by Wisdom that the LORD created the earth. NI know that it was by understanding God established the heavens I also know that by his knowledge the depths are broken up n the rain clouds drop down dew
As God's child, I have a responsibility 2 keep sound wisdom n discretion Both will bring life 2 my soul as I walk this walk n talk this talk I will lie down unafraid of the terror by night.
Yes! Sleep shall be sweet unto me When I awake in the morning I won't be afraid of whatever evil today brings nor will I fear the
plots of the enemy God is my confidence. He will guard me protect me, watch over me while giving me strength 2 endure life's trials n tribulations
When I have the power 2 so I will not withhold good from those in need of it I will not tell my neighbor "come back some other time "" when I have what he or she is looking 4, sitting right beside me I will not plot evil against any of my neighbors. They have the God given right 2 live safely n securely next 2 me I will not be a bully I will not envy those who oppress me n or others. I have also chosen not 2 act like the oppressors or mimic any of their wicked ways I will not be wicked 4 such people are an abomination 2 God. I will seek 2 be righteous so I can have the privileged pleasure of hearing divine secrets I will be just so that God can bless me n my house Because He gives Grace 2 the lowly I will be wise 2 wisely inherit honor from God
I will hear the instructions of the Heavenly Father n strive 2 know understanding I know God lovingly gives good n whole some doctrine that won't ever lead me astray I will not forsake His law I AM 1 of God's children He loves me move than my mother n father ever could I will keep His words in my heart I will keep his commandments n live 4 all eternity I will continue, 2 get wisdom n understanding I will not decline from the words of the Lord's mouth I will not forsake the truth after all " she" preserves me I will love her" whole heartedly n she in turn will keep me Because Wisdom is the principal thing I will get Wisdom with every ounce of my being N in the mean time I will also be getting understanding I will exalt Wisdom n she will promote me. I will lovingly embrace her n she will bring me 2 honor She will bless me with a divine crown of glory n grace I will hear my Heavenly Father's sayings n enjoy a life of longevity For He has taught me in the way of Heavenly Wisdom He has led me down righteous paths
I will -now-walk 1 foot in front of the other N when I do run I will not stumble I will take fast hold of God's instruction n not let her go. I will definitely keep her for she is my life
I will not enter the paths of the wicked n I will not follow the way of evil men n women I will totally avoid it, by turning the other way I will not do mischief I will not cause someone 2 fall Or be the source of someone's down fall I will not feast on the bread of wickedness, nor will I drink the wine of violence God's peace is my sustaining meal
The paths of the just are as God's shining light I will stay on this path that shines more n more perfectly unto the most perfect day I will not walk in the wicked ways of darkness
As God's child I will pay attention 2 his Heavenly words I will incline my ears unto His lovely sayings I will not let His teachings depart from my eyes I will keep them in the midst of me These are life unto my heart n health unto my soul
I will guard my heart with all of my being, because my the condition of my heart determines how I respond 2 life I will discard my once filthy mouth n put perverse lips far far away from me
I will condition my eyes 2 look straight ahead I must ponder the paths of my feet so all my ways can be established in righteousness I will not turn 2 the right or 2 the left I AM determined 2 keep my feet from evil
Date: 3/14/2020 10:21:31 PM Subject: Proverbial Declarations
I will attend unto God's wisdom n humbly bow my ear 2 His understanding of life I will regard His discretion n keep entertaining knowledge
I know the sweet talk of promiscuous women drops like honey n I know her words are smoother than melted butter God has taught me her end is bitterness, sharp as dual bladed razors He also taught me that her paths lead 2 eternal death. Hell on earth n after it! I acknowledge that as a man of God it's in my best interest 2 not get 2 know her I hear God n will not depart from the words of His mouth I will stay miles n miles away from her n rely on Gods strength 2 keep me from falling going anywhere near the door of her house I realize (from my past) that 2 sleep with her would be giving my God given honor 2 others n the remaining years of my life 2 the cruelty of slavery N nonbelievers would profit from my misspent wealth n that I would be spending my God given strength laboring 4 nothing but pain n heartache I know I don't want 2 mess with her cause I don't want my temple ravished with any STD'S Nor do I want 2 open the door 2 any baby mama drama or the like I know that if I don't heed God's advice 2 stay away from her that I'll regret it in the long run
I will drink of the lovely running waters that ever flow from my own well Yes! My wife will be my sole source of love making I will not seek strange bed fellows My wife is a fountain of life that is ever blessed I will rejoice with n find joy in this woman n her company 4ever n ever She will be all that I need Her lovely loveliness shall abundantly satisfy me 4evern always Her Christlike love keeps me faithful 2 our undying God-ordained 1-ness I will not be destroyed by loose women n adulteresses. I won't even embrace them 4 I know all my ways lay open b4 the all-knowing eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ I know if I mess with ungodly women my sins will find me out n lead me further astray All because I refused the Lord's loving instructions
CHAPTER 6 If I run around giving guarantees n assurances then My mouth will be guilty of writing checks my actions can't cash
2 deliver myself it's 4 me 2go 2 my friends humbly n tell them "" on 2nd thought I ain't gone be able 2 do it." I won't be able 2 get a peaceful night sleep till I get this off my chest Then I can rest like a free man;like a baby
As I go 2 the ant, he will be learned from, leaving me wiser Wise in entrepreneurship. Wise in leadership of self Wise enough 2 store up food in the summer 4 the coming winter n those wet rainy days Nothing comes 2 a sleeper but a dream But. I AM wide awake,refusing 2 be impoverished, bedridden, or lazy. I AM industrious lacking nothing
Redeemed by God's truth,lies will no longer flow freely from my mouth A righteous vision will lead me down righteous paths, 2 righteous locations inclining my actions 2 act righteously Arising with love 4 Jesus in my heart righteousness is plotted, sowing unity among the family So I will not worry bout sudden calamities or my being broken 2 pieces, that's 4 the wicked, who are continually sowing division
As a child of God I must come 2 hate: Pride Lying Murder Hearts that devise wickedness Feet that run 2:evil False witnesses Those love 2 divide n conquer
It's 4 me 2 kept the Heavenly Father's rules n regulations, N it's 4 me 2 keep the law of my moms Need 2 keep both these guiding principles at the 4front of my heart Wherever I go they lead me. When sleep they keep me When I awake they there with me We hold conversations Bout how the commandments a lamp n the law a light 2 my path helping me keep my mind right: Instructed in the ways of eternal life 2 protect me from promiscuous women who constantly trying 2 seduce me with flattery I better not list after her obvious beauty or let her mannish mannerisms distract me I AM not the piece of bread she wants 2 reduce me 2 Adultery always leadsn2 death
I AM life worthy If I hold the fire of adultery 2 my chest will not my clothes be burned? If I walk on hot coals won't my feet get charred? Desiring 2 be found innocent, I will not dare go into my neighbors wife. God will punish me severely if I decide 2 steal another man's wife
Thieves have excuses 4 their behavior, but there's no excuse 4 adultery Though thieves have 2 payback 7 times restitution when their caught, An adulterer can never payback what's Ben stolen 2 commit adultery is 2 destroy my own soul. I will love my eternal God-given soul by not having affairs Amen
As His son, I will keep his word n bury his commandments within me I will live by keeping his commandments as the apple of my eye His word is bound on my hands n feet n written upon my new heart I call wisdom my sister" I call understanding, ""cousin" They will keep me from the wicked ways of whorish women who seek 2 conquer me N the God in me I will not be a young man who's empty when it comes 2 understanding I know better than 2 go near "" her"" corner or down "her" street Especially at night when human nature is more vulnerable 2 sin I know that she dresses like that 4 a reason:2 sell herself I know she has no loyalty 2herself God,or her husband N that she on a constant plot 2ruin me 2 so she specializes in boosting the male ego n whatnot So of course she gone tell me, "u the only 1 I want
Trick no good I will not be taken captive by her flattering tongue or deceitful lips I will not follow her cause I know adultery leads 2 death
It's absolutely 4 me 2 listen 2 n adhere 2the words of life that ever flow from the mouth of God He teaches me 2 not be led astray by "" her or me 4all she looking 2 do is wound n kill people, especially Godly men
Telling u her house is a ticket 2 hell No wonder it smells of death
Date: 3/18/2020 11:41:31 PM Subject: PROVERBIAL DECLARTIONS
As she puts forth her voice, I will listen 2 Wisdom's cry As she stands on top of the world n in the paths of life I will adhere 2 her "welcome 2..." signs n ones that read "Now entering..." I will be a man who hears her call I will understand wisdom n possess an understanding heart I AM attentively listening as Wisdom speaks 2 me of excellent heavenly things that make 4 righteousness As her lovely mouth flows freely with divine truth Wickedness is like poison 2 her lips It shall be 2 mines as well All the words of my mouth shall be spoken in righteousness Nothing perverse shall be spoken Wisdom's words r plain 2 me as I seek understanding; Right 2 me as I seek desperately seek 2 find knowledge of the holy I will receive Wisdom's instruction n knowledge which is a million times better than silver n gold Wisdom is better than bright red rubies So priceless nothing can compare 2 it Wisdom helps me be prudent n find things I'd otherwise not know By fearing the Lord I will come 2 h8 evil,like my pride,arrogance evil speech, n wickedness I AM divinely counselled by God I have sound wisdom I have understanding Thave God's strength I will reign as a king n a priest While decreeing justice I will rule like I was designed 2 I will seek Wisdom bright n early.she loves those who love her She blesses me with spiritual riches,honorn Christ likeness Wisdom's fruit is better than the finest gold Her money better than money in the bank She leads me down right paths 4 righteousness sake Since I love her she causes me 2 inherit heaven on earth, such a treasure trove There is always a reason 2 rejoice b4 the Lord After all He's loved me since day 1 (even b4 it) I AM blessed n highly favored as I keep God's ways b4 me I will continue 2 hear instruction I will continue 2 be wise
I hang on His every word I'm anxiously waiting 2 hear what He has 2 say next By finding Wisdom I have found life N because of this I have obtained God's favor Amen
I will frequent the house Wisdom has built, founded on 7 pillars Once inside I sit at tables furnished with love When Wisdom calls I listen So I won't be misled by the simplicity of ignorance I eat of Wisdom's bread n partake of the wine she's mingled My thirst is satisfied I follow the way of abundant life n paths that lead 2 eternity I won't cast my pearls b4 swine Even friends of mine,h8 me now that I mon God But even so I know, when I give the wise man common sense he will lovingly appreciate it The wise get wiser n the learned keep learning The beginning of my wisdom is rooted in my choice 2 fear the LORD My knowledge of the holy blesses me with understanding
Because of my love 4 wisdom my days r multiplied n increased I in turn will dispense wisdom
I know 2 avoid foolish women who r constantly soliciting me 2 drink stolen waters n eat stolen meat
I know from my past that she spiritually seeking 2 kill me as she offers nothing but a 1 way ticket 2 hell I ain't going.
I can make God the Father smile by walking wisely Conducting myself in righteousness assures me that I will be delivered from eternal dust Amen As I whole heartedly follow God He will not allow my righteous soul 2 be famished or go without
Because I am diligent in my work ethic I am rewarded with riches Due 2 the fact that I'm a wise son of God I gather in the summer time Justified with God, blessings hover over the crown of my head n linger 2 the soles of my feet God even go blesses people's memory of me
Being wise in heart, my heart receives commandments (do this... Do that...) The only way 4 me 2 walk surely is 2 walk uprightly I will not with the eye or be a fallen fool My righteous mouth shall be a well of life Outta love 4 God (n in need of 4giveness) I will lovingly 4give all sins committed against me God in his love 4 me has covered all my sins He expects me 2 love others by paying this 4giveness 4ward My lips have wisdom flowing from them As a wise man I will store up knowledge in my heart I AM spiritually rich possessing eternal riches that don't rust or decay I labor 4 the kingdom 2 see the dead come alive with life from on high By ever keeping instruction b4 me I stay on the path of life I will not hide hatred behind lying lips nor will I utter slander against any Wisdom even tells me when it's wise 2 be quiet When I speak, I will speak valuable words that'll feed plenty I know that the blessings of God make me well off n come with no sorrow attached As a man of understanding I'm gifted with wisdom As the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, my righteous desires shall be granted Amen n amen God is my everlasting foundation My fear of God will see me thru 2day n bless me with longevity No wonder I look almost 20yrs younger! My godly expectations shall come 2 pass, blessing me with gladness Staying on God's path blesses me wit strength 2 endure As 1 of God's children I AM immovable My mouth is just n brings forth wisdom Because my heart knows what is acceptable it's heard in my speech Amen
I will strive 2 have a just weight which is a delight 2 the Lord When I walk in humility, God blesses me with wisdom Integrity shall guide me As the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus I AM delivered from spending eternity in hell My desire 2 grow in maturity n righteousness helps me make choices 2 stay on the right path Pursuing God's best 4 me means I'm more vulnerable 2 making the right choice My hope in God shall not perish
With God on my side I will be delivered outta trouble
Through knowledge I can uplift my neighbors When it goes well with me (n mines) the people rejoice
The blessings God's blessed me with will bless my home town
Having understanding I will hold my peace I will keep people's secrets secret I will find safety in decision making as I surround myself with a plethora of trusted counselors, elders,confidants God's the only one entitled 2 my surety As a man strong in the Lord I will get n retain spiritual riches (As a gracious woman who bestows God's grace on others will be n retain spiritual honor) I can do good 2 my soul by showing God's mercy 2 others One way 4 me 2 obtain a 4 sure reward in the heavens is 2 continually sow righteousness into the world around men the lives of others Righteousness leads 2 eternal life If I want God 2 truly delight in me I have 2 be upright in heart Because of my faith in God even my beloved child(ren) will be delivered from evil (even if they struggle with it right now) My righteous desires r all good n I fully e left God 2 bring em 2 pass Amen Being generous only increases my finances My soul is made fat. As I pour into others, God surely pours into me I'm blessed as I feed the poor, fatherless n widow God keeps giving so I can keep giving Amen Seeking God diligently blesses me with God's favor I will not trust in uncertain riches I will trust in God my righteousness who viewing me as righteous causes me 2 flourish I will not trouble my house n I refuse 2 inherit the wind I will conduct myself with a wise heart My life is a tree of life producing life giving fruit that taste of love God says the righteous shall be recompensed in the earth n I believe it Can't wait 2 receive it Amen n amen
Date: 3/21/2020 4:57:31 AM Subject: PROVERBIAL DECLARAR
I love instruction so I love knowledge Ignorance has no place here As I strive 2 reflect the goodness of God 2 others, my heart's assured that I have been blessed with God's favor Determined 2 be rooted in God's Righteousness - I shall not be moved
I will bless others with righteous counsel Through the words that I speak I can keep me n others outta trouble My house shall 4ever stand So shall my righteousness I shall be commended 4 the wisdom God has blessed me with It is God who exalts me My job is 2 stay humble Pride shall not have dominion over me As a righteous man I renounce cruelty 2 animals I will regard their lives n the lives of others Because I diligently tend 2 my God given business, I have no doubt bout where my next meal will come from My spiritual desire is 2 see every body be in a relationship with God
God guard my lips I AM satisfied that my words will be satisfactory on 2day God shall reward me according 2 my works,so I'm mindful of "What have i done?"
I will listen 2 n act upon wise counsel I don't always have 2 voice my opinion God will show me appropriate ways 2 deal with n or express my anger Striving 4 righteousness will nudge me 2 consistently speak the truth God help me lovingly voice words that bring healing 2 someone's life on 2day I will not utter the lying words that only last 4 a moment I will speak the truth that last 4ever I have peace n joy of heart Thank you God! Justified by God no evil shall befall me The Lord delights in me cause I deal with others in a honest manner Knowledge is hidden in my heart, wisdom 2
I will make wise choices I AM determined 2 stay diligent in my pursuit of the abundant life God has 4 me 2 uplift the hearts of others I will speak kind encouraging words Excellency accompany's the righteous I have determined 2 be excellent Diligence leads 2 wealth I will be diligent cause The great I AM is diligent Death is not my final stop I will be resurrected 2 spend eternity with God Amen n Amen
I AM not, nor will I ever from this day 4ward be a mocker As a wise son I willingly hear my Heavenly Father's instructions, with the whole hearted intention being on obeying him Violence has been discarded Peace is freely spoken through me Since run'n off at the mouth causes trouble I must not be quick at the tongue Diligence prospers There4 diligence will define me Prosperity 2 I will come 2 h8 lying I will do what I know 2 do Being eternally rich in the heavenlys I don't have a problem sharing my temporary wealth with those in need Sharing God's imagen blessings with those in need makes me rich The only ransom I can give 4 my life, is Jesus Christ Blessed by God, I AM free 2 rejoice in the Light of His love Pride has no place in my life I have nothing 2 prove I keep company with those that wisely give sound advice III gotten gains quickly get ill n diminish Knowing this I will labor in the job God has lovingly blessed me with Doing my work unto the Lord Jesus Christ Money gotten this way shall be fruitful n multiply
When God brings my godly hopes n dreams 2 pass I feel like I just feasted on the tree of life As I fear God I AM assured that a reward awaits me nown in the hereafter
Jesus, the living water the fountains of life, Drinking from his presence keep me nestled beside still waters Being of an understanding heart allows me 2 bless others' with favor Saying I AM wise is 1 thing cause ultimately wisdom must be evident in my behavior (Matthew 11:19) I AM nI must be found a faithful messenger of the gospel I can n I will humbly accept constructive criticism, while growing from it When I accomplish something it gladdens my soul
Bless the Lord Walking with wise men increases wisdom Curses used 2 pursue me But now that I AM right with God Blessings have put an APB out on me I count my blessings "1 one thousand..." I AM going 2 leave a godly inheritance 2 my children n grandchildren I will work hard 4 what I want I will discipline my kids outta love cause 2 let them run a muck is a sign of h8
Eating the Bread of Life keeps my soul satisfied Amen
It's 4 me 2 marry a wise woman who's built her house on the Rock Fearing the Lord makes me more inclined 2 walk in uprightness God, help humility flow from my lips Unable 2 have it both ways I gots 2 take the good with the bad As a Faithful witness I will not lie 2 any one about God The more I seek 2 understand the easyer knowledge comes I will flee the company of foolish people God thank you 4 helping me examine my self
So!l can correct my shortcomings n acknowledge in the meantime that I AM not where I used 2 be Amen God will see me thru seasons of suffering n persecution I find help n healing at God's throne of grace n mercy God is the Head of my house God ever knows what's best 4 me
I enjoy my God given salvation The more I pursue god, the more I'll be filled with his ways Only person I take word 4 it is - GOD
At the sight of evil, go in the opposite direction I respond 2 drama in a cool calm n collected manner Wisdom shall crown the prudent with knowledge I will only bow b4 God Rich in spirit my neighbors show me love 2 be like God I must be merciful 2 others I plot on how 2 love others My actions tell the truth of who I AM
Spiritual riches r the wise mans crown As I share my testimony of what God's done in my life others will be delivered from satan Amen So long as I determine 2 fear the LORD I AM confident that my most precious children also will find refuge in him Walking in the fear of the LORD leads 2 eternal life Like Christ I must serve the people n conduct myself as worthy 2 be followed/listened 2 Possessing a vast wealth of understanding keeps me from flying off the handle, specially over lil things Praise God my heart is new,beating with love 4 him One way I can honor God is 2 have mercy on the poor, fatherless n widow I know most assuredly that when God calls me home, I'm going 2 the pearly gates Amen God has blessed me with a wise n understanding heart My family n community r exalted because of my walking with God God's favor rest upon me


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tenzintenzin Posted 3 years, 11 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 11 months ago   Favorite
Hello Antoine.
Another brilliant post.
noun [ C ]
US /ˌmæn·əˈfes·toʊ/
plural manifestos or manifestoes

a written statement of the beliefs or aims esp. of a political party
(Definition of manifesto from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)



All the best to you and those you love.

zvanstanley Posted 3 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

Antoine Murphy Posted 3 years, 1 month ago.   Favorite
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