April 1, 2020

Liber CCXX, Liber XXXVII, Liber I

From While I Breath, I Hope. by David E. Bauguess



Liber CCXX: Leges in Horto

If thou seeketh to worship me,
then worship me alone.
If thou wouldest allow others to occupy
thy mind, then whatsoever occupies thine
mind the most, will surely become thy god.

Worries my beloved if indulged unimpeded
will surely become thine idols.
Anxiety creeps in and takes root, and if
unattended, become an entity of its own,
contaminating thy mind.

If thou seeketh to worship me,
then from these slave monsters thou must
break free,
Thou must believe in me, abby affirmation
of your faith in me, and accepting into
thine heart, then the bondage of these evils
ye shall break and run forever free.

These demons that creepeth into thine mind
are invisible, none outside can see them
But I, Your Goddess knows what troubles
thee, and I know when your trust in me
falters. They will bear witness of your
trust in me.

I am overjoyed when your mind
has been turned unto me,
I am rejoicing for your mind is no
longer troubled
for your focus is upon me.
Thy thoughts and mind, thou must
guard with firmness-thou must be
ever attentive and deny these demons
access to thy soul.

Do this and draw ever closer unto me,
the freedom thou seeketh lies in thy
love, thine love for me will allow thee
to focus solely upon me,
Do this and no other shall has access
unto thy mind, heart, nor soul.

Let my presence within thine heart
send forth my radiant light to dispel
the shadows of doubt, the shadows
of fear and worry. As the flames of
the furnace burns away impurities
within thy mind,
I will be thy strength and shield
I will never forsake thee.

93 93/93
Pendunabo [?] II (2020)


class: C
I. O my Goddess! Thou art one and one is our beginning;
One is our spirit. Holy art thou, My Beloved Goddess, blessed
wife, lover, and Priestess; One is our permutation.

II. Let me praise thee, list thee up before all mankind. Allow
me my beloved goddess to sing unto the world of all thine
perfections and marvelous miracles.

III. More precious art though than all the gold within the earth's
womb; more precious than the six rayed star that flameth
within heaven's inner most vault.

IV. More glorious art thou, than the flaming star,
Holier than the two intertwined were the six combined with the
flaming star becomes the Holy Eleven; the divine number of
our Beloved Azure Goddess Nut.

V. Holy is thy virgin womb, chaste and blessed amongst all
women, within thine own self dwells the heart of the

VI. I am thine servant, My Beloved Queen; I serve thee in
love and under free will! I surrender unto thee mine whole
self, and offer unto thee mine whole heart.

VII. I am my Beloved's as he is mine.
My juices are as honey upon his lips, the power to heal
and to give life,
the ecstasy of mine womb
shall free my Beloved's soul.
so say I: Your Goddess; Your Priestess; Your Holy Wide.

VIII. From my womb drink thou, thine elixir or life.
From thine wounds drinketh I thy blood.
Into thine soul let mine light over-flow-
creating that orgasmic flood.
I am thine as thou art mine
betwixt us, let there be no more

Love is the Law, Love under will.
Pendunabo [?] II (2020)


[underlined] Liber I subb figura COR LUCIS [underlined]

I will lift you high
My beloved Goddess and Queen,
I will seek blessing upon
you for ever and ever.
Everyday shall I praise you,
your name will I lift high.

Great are you my Beloved,
worthy of the greatest of praises,
Thy beauty and grandeur
is beyond understanding
All about, secretly they praise
your splendor.

Thy deeds alone are great
and mighty,
Single handedly hast thou
reached within to change me,
These might works alone
are miracles to be praised,
Thy Name to the heavens be raised.

A thousand years and still,
They shall sing of thy splendor,
of thine beauty and free will,
They shall speak of your
glory and wonderful deeds,
Thou hast met my every need.

They shall speak of your power
My beloved Goddess and Queen,
As thy love and beauty began
to flower
None compareth unto thee,
None I've ever seen.

Thou art worthy of All Praise
My beloved Car Lucis,
My beloved Rosa Coeli,
Thy name to the heavens
Shall I ever raise,
Thou alone are worthy of all praise!

Love is the Law, Love under will.

Pendunabo [?] II (2020)


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