April 3, 2020

Proverbial Determinations: Ch 18-19

From Lessons Learned by Antoine Murphy (author's profile)


Date: 3/28/2020 5:47:31 AM


I will not separate myself from God, but ever draw closer 2 Him
I will delight myself in understanding, that I may discover the heart of God
I will behave myself wisely n in a perfect way
My mouth will be a wellspring of life vocalized through wisdom as living
water flows freely through my belly
God help me 2 be fair n impartial in my daily dealings with humanity
My mouth will only cosign righteous contractual obligations
Words I speak will be a blessing not only 2 my soul but others as well
God may I not go up n down as a talebearer
I will ever strive, 2 work unto the LORD
The name of the LORD Jesus is my strong tower. Calling on his name ever saves me
God is the riches I trust in
B4 I can be honoured I must walk in Christ like humility
I will wait till I have repoire with someone b4 I speak into their life
God's spirit in me will see me thru a broken heart n or a broken body
My heart n my ears will continuously seek knowledge that's poured out from on high by the most high
My God given talents n gifts open doors 4 me, which brings me b4 great men n great women
God set a guard over my mouth that I might not gossip bout others or slant the narrative
regarding my neighbors
Best way 4 contentions 2 cease is 4 me 2 pray, "God ur will be done"
Knowing how hard it is 2 reconcile with a brother or sister I will strive not 2 offend them
I eat righteous words 4 breakfast lunch n dinner, which r delicious 2 my existence
With the divine power of my tongue I will speak life abundantly n eternally
I will find (have found) a good God fearing woman 2 be my wife. Our 1ness blesses me with
favor from God
Being courteous is also an essential part of reflecting Christ Jesus
My best friend Jesus sticks closer than all my siblings put 2gether


I would rather be poor n walk in my integrity than be filthy rich n perverse
My soul will not be without knowledge, especially of the holy 1
My feet shall not take me 2 sinful places
My heart will pursue after the LORD
Spiritual wealth has gotten me many friends
I will be honest on 2day cause false witnesses never go unpunished

I have favor with the Price of Peace
May I give those who befriended me the gift of God
I praise God 4 keeping his word n allowing me 2 pray it back 2 him
When I am in doubt I will call God on his word
Because I value my soul I will continue 2 get spiritual wisdom
By my continual getting of God's perspective of things I encounter his goodness
Lies profit me nothing so I won't speak em
I will be fruitful n multiply n replenish the earth
By way of divine discretion I will put my foolish anger 2 the waste side in favor of righteous
It is glorious 4 me 2 not give into sinful temptations
God's favor rest upon me
I will be a blessing 2 my father n my mother
With God's guidance by my side I will refuse 2 marry a contentious woman
Amen (whoever) my wife is prudent n a blessing from the LORD
I will leave a roof n riches 2 my precious children
My soul will not be idle n will not suffer spiritual hunger or starvation
4 my soul's sake I will keep God's commandments
God promises 2 have pity on me, as I have had pity on the poor.
He also promises 2 pay me back 4 that which I have given the 1/2 nots, in a effort 2 show them
the love of Jesus
I will discipline my kids while there is yet hope 2 teach em right from wrong
I will not be an enabler of sinners
By hearing God's counsel n positioning myself 2 receive his blessed instructions I know I will be
wiser in my latter days than I was in my youth
At the end of the day my choices n actions r subject 2 God's will, cause I may have 1 idea but
God may have another
My kindness is a strength from God not a weakness
Because living in the fear of the LORD leads 2 abundant life, I shall be satisfied as I abide in
Christ. N I shall not be visited with evil nor entertain it
I will not be a sluggard on 2day or tomorrow or any day after that 4 that matter
Knowing how 2 get wisdom I will get it
I will also reprove the wise when need be so s/he can grow in wisdom
I will give deaf ear 2 those trying 2 lead me astray
I will be a godly witness
By doing what I'm spouse 2 do, I don't have 2 fear the punishment that's reserved 4 the lives of fools



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